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Easily engage your community

Fundraising just got a whole lot easier.

Your cause is worthy. Raising funds can be tough.

Raising money for not-for-profits is hard work. Not because people don’t want to give, but without cash and cheque books it’s no longer convenient. Donors are discerning and they want to know about the impact that their giving is having. This is difficult to achieve through door knocking, phone calls, street appeals or direct debits. Without a digital strategy, and increasingly, without a mobile strategy, raising funds is a constant struggle.

Build your community. Share your stories.

Pushpay enables meaningful engagement with your supporters – before, during and after donation. Donor details are captured the first time they give, providing you with a relevant mechanism to engage and share your charitable stories.

Whether utilizing text messages, TV, posters, social media messages, fliers, or even the option to ‘give now’ on sponsored corporate invoices – you can engage with your donors in an authentic and unobtrusive way. They need never miss the moment to donate from their mobile device.


Security + Compliance

We’ve always got your back. Pushpay is designed with security in mind. In addition to PCI DSS Compliance, Pushpay has invested in independently tested, bank grade payments infrastructure. Learn more about Pushpay’s approach to security.


Accelerated Cash Flow

Pushpay provides convenience and lightning fast payments for your donors – anywhere and everywhere they go. By making it convenient for your donors to give ‘on the go’, your business is paid sooner and your cash flow accelerated.


Reduced Payment Overhead

Because Pushpay improves payment certainty and processing efficiency, your staff can focus on other important things while you watch your administrative expenses and other payment overheads drop.


Effortless Customer Acqusition

Pushpay is the world’s first smart phone payment app that allows people to pay organizations instantly anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, across major banks and carriers. Our consumer base is fast-growing – and are all looking to pay the easy Pushpay way.


Richer Customer Engagement

Never miss the moment… to engage with your donors in a meaningful way. You can leverage Pushpay’s rich payment data and push notification functionality to connect with your donors in an authentic, yet unobtrusive way. It’s time to monetize mobile channels and increase your donors’ spend.



Are you ready to transact business in the new world of mobile devices? Because your donors are. More people are demanding choice in the way they interact, the way they purchase, and the way they pay. Over half of all web browsing is now performed on mobile devices. Your digital strategy must engage mobile users – especially when a donor wants to pay you.



Pushpay is the easy way for your donors to pay, and the simplest way for you to let them. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Industry Expertise

Pushpay is designed by business and sales experts with a deep understanding of the deficiencies in how organizations get paid. This knowledge has been the driving force behind the Pushpay solution to improving sales and business processes by making payments simple.

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