The content from our keynote speakers was too good to keep to ourselves! Whether you want to relive the day or you’re about to see it for the first time, get ready to take some notes and enjoy these on-demand keynotes.


Chris Heaslip

CEO and Co-Founder, Pushpay

Product Roadmap: How Pushpay Can Help Make Your ONE DAY a Reality
See the exciting news updates and product announcements from Pushpay including Branded Giving Experience and Offline Giving. You’ll also hear from customers like Elevation Church and Celebration Church about their experience with Pushpay.

Nona Jones

Faith-Based Partnerships Leader, Facebook

The ONE Social Media Key Most Churches are Still Missing
Facebook is the largest social network on the planet– watch this session to learn how leveraging the power of Facebook gives you access to more than two billion users to find the audience that matters to you the most. Maximizing social media is the ONE opportunity you cannot afford to miss to cultivate discipleship.

Steven Furtick

Founder & Lead Pastor, Elevation Church

The ONE Belief to Create Success: How to build a thriving ministry for tomorrow
Systems and processes are necessary. Work Ethic and resolve are a must. However, without the right mindset and understanding of how it accelerates performance and growth, we’re missing the greatest opportunity to build a healthy ministry. Discover how an adjustment to your view of work will actually create better results.

Scott Harrison with Carey Nieuwhof

Scott is the Founder & CEO of charity: water

Carey is an author and the Founding Pastor of Connexus Church

The ONE key to Following up with Donors (Q&A with Carey Nieuwhof)
There is not much we all agree on these days. From politics to music to sports to fashion, we are as divided as ever. Scott Harrison shares his inspiring and thought-provoking story to give you practical ideas that can focus your audience towards the ONE focus that will move the needle for your organization.

Erwin Raphael McManus

Pastor & Author, MOSAIC

The ONE Mindset that Matters Most for Ministry
Thinking about the future is no longer enough. Success requires acting now. This session takes an in-depth look at the steps you can take now that will make you successful tomorrow. It’s not enough to think about life at the top, now is the time to learn about the ONE narrative it takes to get there.