A Simpler Approach To Online Giving For Churches

Isn’t it funny how the tech that’s supposed to simplify our lives so often complicates it? Sometimes having so many avenues for engaging church members makes it harder to truly connect. At Pushpay, we’re looking to combat this tech overload by streamlining a historical practice with biblical roots: tithing.

With Pushpay’s online tithing software, churches are better equipped to provide church members with an online giving experience that’s specifically suited for the needs and practices of their church community.

3 Ways to Tithe Online


Mobile App


Text Giving


Laptop or Desktop

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Why Churches Turn to Online Tithing

Online tithing is easier and faster than giving on Sundays exclusively

People can give online at any time, regardless of whether they have cash on them or if they’re able to attend a Sunday service. Additionally, most online giving platforms allow people to save their information, so your church members aren’t having to re-fill out their credit card or bank information every time they want to give.

For church staff, online tithing is easier to manage and track

The money given digitally through a tithing software is transferred directly into your church’s account and is automatically recorded as a transaction. Physical money, on the other hand, is more vulnerable to getting lost or forgotten and isn’t as nearly as secure. Online tithing streamlines giving and reduces human fallibility.

People can still tithe in person, not just online

Offering an online tithing solution simply provides yet another way for your community to give, and doesn’t mean that people won’t write checks or offer cash. With an option to tithe digitally, church members are free to give how they want, when they want.

How To Pay Tithing Online

3 Steps to Set Up Online Tithing for Your Church with Pushpay

Step 1: Work with the Pushpay team to determine which solutions best reflect your church’s needs

At Pushpay, we understand that every church is a little bit different and that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we tailor all individual pricing quotes with your specific church’s needs in mind.
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Step 2: Customize your Pushpay church app

The Pushpay App is fully customizable, meaning you can utilize our tech without sacrificing your church’s online image and communication style. Your church community, through individual custom profiles, can also choose what kind of information they want to receive.
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Step 3: Engage your church community through your new church tithing software

Once the Pushpay software is set up and customized for your church, your church community can begin tithing through whichever online solution works best for them, and you’ll be able to share information and news easily and quickly.
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