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A ChMS that Strengthens Connections

All-in-one church management software (ChMS) that scales and grows with your church. Lean on our ChMS to help streamline processes and stay organized so you can better focus on connecting with your congregation.


Church Management Software Made Easy

Built with a people-first approach, Pushpay’s church management system benefits both leaders and congregants. Leaders get unparalleled visibility into church engagement, plus access to the Lead App for on the go management and support. Members get their own MyChurch App profile where they can easily see important messages, view what groups they belong to, and RSVP for upcoming events. Other key features of our ChMS include:

Don’t limit yourself to email. With our ChMS you can deliver tailored communications through automated one-way text messaging, rich push notifications, and interactive polls.

Our church management software is chock full of organizational features to support your ministry –  automated check-ins, event registrations, volunteer scheduling, and more.

Not only is it easy to create, invite, and share events, you’re also able to measure event engagement, and keep track of all your event notes and information in one place.

“It’s been four years since we started with Pushpay's church management software (ChMS), and I’m as excited today as I was the day we started.”

Karen Filkins, Connect Coordinator & Treasurer
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With Church Management
Software You Can:

Connect with guests and encourage ongoing engagement with a unified ministry platform

When all your church’s information is accessible from a single place, it makes it easier to create personal relationships with your congregants.

  • See the complete journey of your people
  • Connect and follow-up with first time guests
  • Coordinate pastoral care quickly and efficiently
  • Track attendance, with check-in for individuals and families

Fulfill your mission with tools that simplify communication, processes, and workflows

ChMS app features centralize opportunities for your people to create stronger relationships with your church members.

  • Easily coordinate care for congregational needs
  • Quickly communicate with the church leader and church members
  • Create people workflows for any type of ministry scenario
  • Quickly look up and reach people on-the-go, with LEAD App
  • Craft impactful messages in minutes, not hours with our collection of tailored email templates

Get an accurate view of your church’s health and drive initiatives forward

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The best church management platforms track key performance metrics and reports for data visualization.

  • Track involvement across attendance, groups, giving, etc.
  • Leverage automated reports or customize them to match what you want to track
  • Create and save unique people searches, that are shareable

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Do Even More with a Church Management System

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Bring your people together with groups to help them connect through Events, communicate with Messages, and build community with Needs within your church.

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Create a secure drop off and pick up experience for parents with our digital kiosks. Send text messages to parents, print tags, set room capacities, and print room rosters.

Attendance Tracking - Illustration
Attendance Tracking

Track the growth and involvement of people in your church with attendance features like setting headcounts, tracking individual attendance, and sharing post event details through emailed summaries and reporting.

People Workflows - Illustration
People Workflows

Custom workflows for items like First Time Guest Follow up, Volunteer pipelines, and Care to make sure everyone is getting connected with their next step to grow at your church.

Forms - Illustration

Throw out the paper forms and choose from ready-to-use and custom form templates to collect sign ups, registrations for up to ten people in a single form, and payments. Pre-built templates and automation streamline workflows to give you even more time back in your day.

Schedules & Plans - Illustration
Schedules & Plans

Make sure your weekend experiences go off without a hitch with volunteer scheduling and service planning.

Reports and Metrics - Illustration
Reports and Metrics

System, Custom, and Dashboard Reports and Metrics all give your team insights into how their ministry is performing in every area you want to track.

Church Event Management - Illustration
Church Event Management

Encourage deeper involvement with church wide and group events that allow every member to know what's coming up and then rsvp directly from your church calendar or event invitation.

Rooms and Resources - Illustration
Rooms and Resources

Manage facilities and assets needed for church events with our room and resource management tool. Get the right people involved with specific approvals, reports, and calendars for each room and resource.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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FAQs About
Church Management Software

What is church management software?

Church management software (ChMS) is a unified platform that  includes several ways to manage and engage congregants. Foster connections both in church and online through resource management, church communication tools, and custom workflow planning.Encourage every congregation member to become—and stay—involved.

What specific products are included in Pushpay's church management software?

Our comprehensive church management system includes several ways to engage congregants, all within one integrated platform. Foster connections both in church and online with digital kiosks, group messages, and people workflows. Between resource management, church communication tools, and custom workflow planning, you can encourage every congregation member to become—and stay—involved. 

Who is responsible for church management?

Church management responsibilities depend on the size of your religious organization. A small church is more likely to have a church leader (such as a pastor) in charge of church management, while a large faith-based organization will likely have administrators that are in charge of management tasks.

How do I know if our organization needs a church management solution?

If your church is losing track of new visitors, if you are experiencing staff or volunteer burnout, if simple administrative tasks are needlessly complex, or if communications are delivered via multiple tools, then you could benefit from an automated church management system that creates efficiencies and builds involvement. A ChMS is especially helpful when it comes to growing and engaging  congregations.