Mobile Church Apps

The heart of your ministry, in their hands.

Make your ministry accessible anytime and anywhere with our three church apps designed specifically for your congregation and leaders.


Powerful Apps for Churches

We cater to congregations of all sizes, so we know that different churches need different capabilities.
That’s why we offer both a consolidated app and a stand-alone app.

The simple, consolidated church app for fostering a more engaged congregation. Invite your people, wherever they are, into spiritual content, livestreaming, and more. ChurchStaq subscribers also get features for pre-check, volunteer schedule management, and group engagement.

Everything from the MyChurch app, from a dedicated unique app in the app store and homescreen for an end-to-end tailored experience.

“I chose to renew my contract with Pushpay for two reasons. One, I don’t want to interrupt anything right now. It’s working. It’s not broken. I have other broken things I’m fixing. This is not one of them. The second reason is, I am a raving fan of Pushpay …”

Dan Durbin
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Drive your mission forward with your content

Our church apps help you amplify your ministry by letting you share and track your content.
  • Dynamic home screen
    Drive participation with a custom home page to share live streams, upcoming events, and generosity campaigns
  • Sermons & Audio Player:
    Centralize your message with a live feed that automatically updates from your streaming provider
  • App Content Analytics:
    See which content is most popular, how long your audience is viewing it for, and when people are taking actions, to allow you to know what type of content to be sharing

Community centered features fostering deeper belonging

Help your community build stronger relationships with a simplified experience that brings ChMS activities into your church app.
  • Check-In
    Put Check-In in the hands of your parents, volunteers, and online viewers, and geta name and face for every participant
  • Groups
    Help your people find their tribe to message their groups, take a need, track attendance, and RSVP for events, right from their phone
  • Volunteer Scheduling
    Equip your volunteers to manage scheduling requests, family serving, availability/preferences, and view worship plans all in one place

Churches Love Pushpay

Our Church Apps Enable You To Do Even More

In-App Giving - Illustration
In-App Giving

Connect the Pushpay church giving platform directly to your app to make giving easy and accessible for your people.

Push Notifications - Illustration
Push Notifications

Send custom messages, polls, surveys, links, and in-app content directly to groups or your whole congregation to improve communication deliverability.

No Developer Required - Illustration
No Developer Required

Our App specialists work with you to get set up while our Mobile App Studio makes it easy for your church to update and change content as needed.

Impact Cards - Illustration
Impact Cards

Promote special campaigns like pledge, volunteer, or drives to encourage involvement and share progress towards your goals.

Sermon Notes
 - Illustration
Sermon Notes

Share sermon notes interactive fill in the blanks, allowing viewers to follow along.

Multilingual Support
 - Illustration
Multilingual Support

Support multiple different languages, with distinct content in the custom app for congregants and dynamic translation in the LEAD app for staff and volunteers.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


State of Church Tech

Discover what church leaders like you are saying about their priorities, concerns, and expectations with church technology, today and for the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Church Apps

Can I include a livestream within the Custom App?

Yes, you can easily add your livestream from multiple providers to your church mobile app making it easy for your community to participate in your service virtually. Livestreams from Resi and Youtube also allow congregants to engage with sermon notes, Bible verses, and other app content while they continue to watch the video.

Is it difficult to manage the content on the Custom App?

No. We’ve created App Studio to make it easy for you to manage content, campuses, groups, and more. With the simplicity of drag and drop, your team can update pages, add new content and create compelling communications to your community. It can also be easier to create custom church apps that fit your growth goals to connect the community through a bible app, web app, and more features on our Mobile App studio.

What platforms are our church apps available on?

You can download our church app on any iOS or Android device that is compatible with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.