Why Epic Church Decided to Unite Their Campuses with Pushpay

How One Feature Turned a Pushpay Skeptic Into an Advocate


When Pushpay first contacted Pastor Dan Durbin of Epic Church to tell him about their digital-giving solution, he didn’t think the church needed a new option. The church was satisfied with its current giving options and wasn’t looking to make a change.

Having been in sales for more than 15 years, Durbin called Pushpay to let them know they didn’t need to call anymore.  That’s when the Pushpay representative told him, “We not only have this payment-processing platform that we’re very good at, but we also have this app.” Durbin was skeptical at first, but when he walked through a demo of the app, he was floored.

I chose to renew my contract with Pushpay and Church Community Builder for two reasons: First... It’s working. It’s not broken. The second reason is that I’m a raving fan of Pushpay and the app.

Pastor Dan Durbin, Epic Church

A Service Upgrade Felt Around the World

Based in Alabama, Epic Church also maintains campuses in Michigan and Swaziland. Maintaining church unity across state lines and continents proved to be a unique challenge for Epic Church, but Durbin saw Pushpay’s mobile app as an opportunity to channel a church culture that transcended geography.


In growth in monthly app users in less than two years

 Less than two years after partnering with Pushpay, Epic Church saw a nine-fold increase in monthly app users. Additionally, through a streamlining of their processes, Durbin estimates the church saved more than 120 hours in administrative workload for his staff, and 70% of the church’s giving is now donated via their online giving platform and mobile app.

Community Size
Key ChurchStaq Tools
  • Church app
  • Giving ChMS

• 120+ administrative hours saved /yr
• 70% of giving is digital
• 9x more monthly app users

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