How Emmanuel Church Doubled Their Fundraising Goal With Time to Spare

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How one growing church preserves their small-church roots

With attendance surging and new church building recently completed, the leadership team at Bergen Park began looking for solutions to help them maintain meaningful connection among church members, create a welcoming environment for newcomers, and preserve the spirit of generosity. And they found that solution with Pushpay.

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increase in attendance


decrease in administrative workload


increase in giving and recurring givers

Kind Words

"Pushpay has been an incredible partner. Not only has Pushpay made it easy for our people to be generous, the Pushpay team has continued to invest in improving the giving experience while providing exceptional support along the way."

Marcus Hsia
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“Our mission is reaching a city to touch a world, and none of that is possible without technology. Not everyone is going to walk through the church doors physically. For us to be able to reach folks where they’re at, whether it’s at home or a coffee shop, technology has been amazing with that.”

Rob Ferguson
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“We were having a difficult time engaging people with our current online giving system. After we implemented Pushpay we received over a 1,000% increase. I had to re-run the numbers because it was so astonishing.”

Dennis Cummins
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“Live to Give’ is one our core values at Christ Fellowship and we are committed to provide our church family with the best giving system available in order to remove as many barriers as possible from their giving journey. Pushpay has been an integral ministry partner of ours since 2015 in developing our culture of stewardship and generosity.”

David Lonsberry
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“One of our values is ‘People Matter to God,’ and every major decision in Kensington Church’s history has been driven by that value. It’s the value that made us transition to Pushpay. It reframes everything. The question stops being, ‘How can we do this?’ and becomes, ‘How can we not?'”

Alex Calder
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