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Parish Management Made Easy

Built with a inclusivity in mind, Pushpay’s fully multi-lingual Catholic church management software supports both leaders and parishioners. It’s a secure, simple, and scalable CHMS solution that comes with access to the only leader-focused app on the market, designed specifically for on-the-go Parish management and support. Plus, members get their own MyChurch App profile where they can easily see important messages, connect with their different ministries, track their faith formation journey, and more. Other key features include:

Streamline your ministries with a unified ChMS experience. Easily pull reports, create groups, and automate processes.

Language is no longer a barrier. Our advanced multi-lingual CHMS opens new opportunities to engage with every parishioner.

Strengthen relationships with every member with an intuitive UI and access to all parishioner information at your fingertips.

“While we cannot measure a person’s heart, we can measure their involvement - how they serve, what they attend, and where they choose to give their money. Through ParishStaq, we set up an event in a calendar, allow participants to register through a form, that form automates our guest list, and upon check-in, we’re able to take attendance. At the macro-level, that data can be used to measure not only how effective we were in forming missionary disciples, but at the micro-level, how well we’re forming hearts for Jesus.”

Lisa Sliker, Parish Administrator
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Get time back

Catholic church management software that works for you and is with you wherever you are.
  • Parishioner Profiles
    Get an instant view of sacraments, collate family members into households, track participation, and faith formation milestones
  • Sacrament Tracking Tool
    Keep track of sacraments, print register details, attach files to a record, and more
  • Faith Formation Management
    Reduce back-to-school stress and easily manage registration and tuition payments made through the app Learn more
  • Customizable Forms
    Create forms, collect registrations, and accept payments with automations set up in the ChMs
  • Liturgical Minister And Volunteer Management
    Ensure that all of your Masses and activities are covered, and allow your people to swap assignments with each other
  • Facility Management
    Help your leaders reserve rooms, request equipment, submit room layouts, and have their event visible on the master calendar
  • LEAD App
    Eliminate manual processes for ministry leaders and volunteers with a mobile ChMS Learn more

Empower leaders in their language

The only mobile ChMS with the ability to choose from multiple languages… with more to come on the horizon.
  • LEAD App
    Your pastor, church administration, and ministry leaders can choose from English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, or Chinese
  • Web ChMS
    Seamlessly switch between English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, or Chinese to create a welcoming environment for parishioners whose primary language isn't English
  • Catholic prefixes
    Assign appropriate prefixes for all of your church members: Mr., Mrs., Dcn., Msgr., Rev., Fr., and more

Deepen relationships

Our Catholic church management solution allows you to leverage reports and insights to get an accurate view of your parish’s financial health, engagement, and discipleship.
  • People engagement
    Catholic church leaders can use data to understand how to minister to your parishioners and strengthen relationships
  • Create and save unique people searches
    Your staff can choose from 117 searches, or create, save, and share custom searches with others on staff
  • Data security
    With the highest level of online security, parishioners have peace of mind that their personal and financial data are protected

Parishes Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Our Catholic Church Management System

Easy Check-In - Illustration
Easy Check-In

Create a secure drop off and pick up experience for parents with our digital kiosk. Send text messages to parents, print tags, set room capacities, and print room rosters.

Process Queues - Illustration
Process Queues

Move and track parishioners’ status as they progress through processes like OCIA (formerly RCIA), marriage preparation, sacramental preparation, and more. Set reminders and notifications for follow-up and accountability.

Time-saving Form Templates - Illustration
Time-saving Form Templates

Eliminate setup stress with ready-to-use templates for common ministry needs like VBS and faith formation registration.


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