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Pushpay University is an on-demand learning platform that equips leaders to overcome the current and future challenges facing their organizations. Learn from world-renowned experts in leadership, communication, and technology from both the Church and marketplace.

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“Why is conflict important? Because conflict allows us to arrive at true commitment. Without conflict, people don’t commit. If people don’t weigh in on a decision, they don’t buy in to that decision.”

– Patrick Lencioni, The Table Group

“Discipleship happens in community. As you think about the one social media transition you need to make, it’s to go from media to ministry. It’s to move beyond sharing content about your ministry to actually making disciples through your ministry.”

– Nona Jones, Facebook

“If you want to cut through the noise of a distracted audience, the first thing you must be convinced of is, ‘This is good stuff.’ You will always command attention if you believe in what you are saying.”

– Chad Veach, Zoe Church

“That email blast you were going to send out tomorrow⁠—if you didn’t send it out, how many people would call the office and say, ‘I didn’t get my email’? If the answer is ‘not that many,’ then you shouldn’t send it.”

– Seth Godin, Author & Marketer

“Donor Development 101: Communicate a clear & compelling vision | Establish trust in leadership | Share a winning story.”

– Alex Calder, Kensington Church

“The question isn’t, ‘Where is the future taking us?’ The question is, ‘Where are we taking the future?’ Because we are the one people who’ve been invited into the imagination of God, entrusted with His dreams for humanity.”

– Erwin Raphael McManus, MOSAIC

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