Event Management

Seize the day with a complete church event management solution.


Coordinate with Event Management and Planning Tools

Reserve the Details through Asset Requests and Approvals

Invite Leaders and Congregants to Join Events

Create Great Experiences

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Jennifer Ford
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Coordinate Events

Our church event planning software makes it easy for leaders to create and stay in the know of upcoming activities at the church.
  • Add Custom Event Details
    Include info and requests like check-in, attendance, facility needs, start and end times, and location
  • Set-Up Event Approvals
    Assign specific admins and leaders to event approvals and calendar publishing
  • Sync to a Master Calendar
    A complete church calendar so your staff always knows what's happening at your church
  • Time-Saving Form Templates
    Choose from a collection of pre-built form templates, from event registration to payments

Reserve the Details

Manage your church facility with approvals and asset reservations.
  • Room Requests
    Book rooms and resources for events and receive notifications on approvals
  • Facility Approvals
    Assign specific leaders and staff to approve the use of the church building and assets
  • Coordination
    Room Reports and Facility Calendars help your team stay on top of room layouts, special requests, and upcoming event needs

Invite to Join

Our church event management software encourages participation through invitations and public calendars.
  • Event Invites
    Send email invites to guests that allows them to RSVP, keeping you informed of who to expect
  • Calendar Feeds
    Users can subscribe to group, church-wide, and public calendars, so their personal calendars are always updated with the latest events
  • My Church App
    Bring everyone together in your consolidated app, where your congregation can view and register for events

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Do Even More with Church Event and Facility Management Software

Room Kiosk - Illustration
Room Kiosk

Help guide your visitors to exactly where their event is gathering by displaying a digital room directory in your lobby or throughout your building.

Facility Reports - Illustration
Facility Reports

Your facilities management team can stay in the loop with details like layouts, special requests for event setup, and facility reports.

Facility Calendar - Illustration
Facility Calendar

Remove the noise and focus on specific facility and building requests with a dedicated facility calendar.

Custom Questions - Illustration
Custom Questions

Build out custom fields for each room and resource, which you can then provide to anyone using your facilities.

Room Layouts  - Illustration
Room Layouts

Start planning how to use your space for an event with preloaded room layouts that simplify the setup process.

Attendance Tracking - Illustration
Attendance Tracking

Know exactly who and how many people attend your events with easy, mobile-friendly attendance tools and event summaries.


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No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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 FAQs about Church Event Management Software

Can event management software help during times of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Absolutely. Understanding attendance, space requirements, social distancing, and more is critical to keeping your community safe. Our event management software simplifies the organizational process to make new and recurring events seamless for your church. Plus, you can limit the number of people who can attend any given event.

How will event planning software help my ministry to run more efficiently?

Our software offers a master calendar, resource management, plus registration and check-in forms to ensure your events are organized and your team is prepared.

Can I coordinate online or streamed events?

Yes, you can populate a stream or add an online meeting address for your virtual events.

Can I track attendance of an event?

Yes, you can track attendance by using the check-in feature, both during the event and to follow-up with church members and leaders.

Can I charge for upcoming events?

Yes, you can easily create a giving page allowing you to charge for event registration. By associating the event with a fund, you can ensure the payment is accounted for.