Church Giving Guide: How To Increase Church Giving Donations

As Christians, we’re called to give even in the most difficult times, whether it’s with our time or our finances. As a pastor, it’s not always easy to nurture a generous church culture and encourage giving. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you to discover giving strategies and technology that will help you encourage giving.

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Everygift Impact

Here’s how Everygift™ systems positively impacted donations last year alone.


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Church Giving Statistics

Let’s start with some data. Giving statistics have majorly changed in the past ten years. Learn how today’s Christians are approaching giving and get some great takeaways from our latest research.


Giving statistics and digital giving trends from the past few years and how you can use them to inform future giving strategies.

What the Bible Says About Giving

What exactly does the Bible say about giving? This is the best place to start as you learn more about becoming a generous church and begin teaching these principles to your congregation.


Where to turn in the Bible as you prepare to teach your congregation about giving as well as tools you can use to increase donations.

How To Increase Church Giving

If you want to increase church giving, you need to set the foundation for your members to value generosity. As you nurture your church members from where they’re at to where you want them to be, these articles will help you get started.


How to strategically evaluate your current giving situation and tips on increasing church giving. You’ll also learn how to improve reporting with the best technology.

Online Giving

Did you know that 73% of church giving happens throughout the week, not on Sunday mornings (Pushpay, 2019)? It’s so essential to offer giving options other than the offering plate, which only gives people a 3-5 minute time window to give. Learn about online giving and mobile giving options in the articles below to increase regular and recurring giving.

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Why it’s crucial to offer some form of digital giving, the best digital giving tools your church can start using, and strategies to encourage your congregation to give digitally.

Mobile Giving

Mobile giving can have a very positive impact on your church’s engagement and budget. Learn how you can begin utilizing mobile giving tools in your church today.

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Give your congregation the comprehensive giving solutions they’ve been waiting for, complete with tools that drive recurring giving and make administration simple. Click here to learn more about Pushpay’s Digital Giving Solution!


Why it’s so important to offer mobile giving in 2021, great mobile giving tools to help you get started, and how mobile tools can help you increase recurring giving in your church.

End of Year Giving

The last quarter of the year is called the “giving season” for a reason. Many congregations receive 50% or more of their donations between October and December. Learn more about end-of-year giving strategies in the articles below.


How to thoughtfully approach year-end giving with great strategies and campaigns as well as ways to simplify year-end giving for your congregation.

Church Giving Obstacles

As a pastor, it’s your job to evaluate church health and determine any potential giving obstacles your church is facing. Learn how to identify and overcome these church giving obstacles in the following blog posts.


Common giving obstacles that may be hurting your church and how you can remove those obstacles for your congregation using technology.

Giving Statements

A church giving statement is an opportunity for celebration, instruction, and preparation. We put together articles to help you prepare and improve your annual giving statements.


Tips on creating meaningful giving statements that will engage your congregation and how technology can simplify this process.

Recurring Giving

Recurring giving is the backbone of a healthy church budget, and it’s one of the easiest ways your congregation can continually support your mission. It’s not only convenient and practical, but it can have spiritual benefits as well. Discover the benefits of recurring giving in these blog posts.

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Why recurring giving can be so important for your church and strategies on growing your recurring giving using technology.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was created in response to growing consumerism during the holidays. It’s observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Learn about Giving Tuesday ideas for churches in these blog posts.


Discover examples of churches who have successfully raised money on Giving Tuesday and learn how you can launch your own Giving Tuesday campaign.

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