Parish Engagement Analytics

Insights into your data to help you know and grow your parish

The first-of-its-kind tool for leaders to keep a pulse on the health of their parish by bringing giving and engagement data together in one view.


Data Insights Designed For Parishes

Pushpay Insights unlocks a clearer and deeper understanding of a parish’s health from attendance to giving to engagement in one view. Leaders get unparalleled visibility to discover trends, spot opportunities for ministry, and make data-driven decisions confidently. Pushpay Insights empowers you to focus on what truly matters most—fulfilling your mission.

Take a pulse check with a quick overview of attendance, giving and serving data, for a glimpse into the health of each stage of engagement.

Quickly identify patterns in giving and engagement over time, then adjust your outreach strategies to better engage your community.

Make informed decisions to confidently plan and execute strategies for growth and engagement that will positively impact your community.

What’s included with Pushpay Insights?

All Your Data in One View

With all of your parish’s essential data—giving, attendance and serving—centralized, it’s easy to see your overall health and monitor trends.

  • An Overview of Engagement
    Get a quick glance of the different ways people are engaging within your parish—Attendees, Donors, and Volunteers.
  • Visualizations For Digestible Data
    Don’t worry about getting lost in complex data. With easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs, you can quickly understand what's happening in your parish community.
  • Keep A Finger On The Pulse
    Keep up with the latest shifts and trends in your parish's engagement. Whether it's changes in attendance, giving, or serving, you'll be the first to know.

Actionable Insights

Easily access the necessary data to understand, plan, and execute strategies that will positively impact your community.

  • Go Granular
    Easily go from an overview to a granular view for each engagement activity. With comparison charts and a variety of filters, you can dive deep into specific engagement trends.
  • Compare Changes
    Stay on top of what's happening in your parish by comparing data across different time ranges, engagement stages, and more.
  • Turn Real-Time Insights Into Action
    Insights takes same-day data in ParishStaq and makes it actionable so you can continue making a lasting impact on individual lives and the greater community.

Deeper Understanding of Your Parishioners

Your data points aren’t just numbers—they’re your people, the heart of your community. Knowing your data means you’ll be ready to better know, grow, and engage your people.

  • View Parishioners’ Engagement Stages
    Within each engagement activity, there are distinct stages. Discover exactly who’s engaging, who isn’t, and how to re-engage them.
  • Reclaim the Drifting and Disengaged
    A parish leader’s biggest concern is people falling through the cracks. Pushpay Insights helps you to identify individuals who may be disengaging so you can reach out and reconnect.
  • Continue The Conversation Through Your ChMS
    Pushpay Insights empowers you to connect with the right person at the right time. Download a list and engage those people through messages or a Process Queue in your ChMS.

Parishes Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Pushpay Insights

World-class Data Security - Illustration
World-class Data Security

Count on us to keep sensitive information and safeguard the trust you’ve built with your parishioners, being fully compliant with PCI-DSS standards.

Detailed Dashboards - Illustration
Detailed Dashboards

View dashboards designed to show you disengaged parishioners, inspire ways to boost generosity, and uncover opportunities for engagement.

People List - Illustration
People List

Every person on the People list has a story. They could be a first-time donor, a lapsed attendee, or a potential volunteer. Filter through your data to identify how best to engage each person.

Comparison Panel - Illustration
Comparison Panel

Use real-time data to compare growth over time and take action. The comparison panel shows comparisons between two consecutive periods—ranging from weeks and months to years, or even a custom range.

FAQs About Pushpay Insights

Can Pushpay Insights show me any personalized information about my community?

Yes, Insights is made to be personalized! When you click on metrics in the snapshots, you’ll go directly to the People list page, with a pre-filtered view of those community members’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

How do I know if my organization needs Pushpay Insights?

Pushpay Insights is a tool that can help you keep a pulse on the health of your parish community by bringing your giving and engagement data together in one view. It brings together your ChMS and Pushpay Giving data so you can spot people slipping through the cracks.

Can I make changes to the data in Pushpay Insights?

No. If you need to make any adjustments, you’ll have to do that in the source software (i.e., ChMS or Giving), and those changes will be reflected in Pushpay Insights.

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