Church Growth Guide for Pastors

Whether you are a new church or an established church, growth is crucial for you to thrive and survive. This church growth guide includes helpful resources that will teach you new church growth strategies, help you avoid common church growth mistakes, and discover some examples of how other congregations have achieved successful church growth.


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Church Growth Strategies

If you’re looking for brand new church growth strategies to increase your attendance, these articles will help you get a head start. We’ve compiled budget-friendly strategies, digital strategies, and more!


Achievable church growth strategies no matter your church size or budget and how technology can help you achieve church growth in 2021.

Church Growth Mistakes

Just because a particular growth strategy worked in the past doesn’t mean it’ll work in the present day. Abandon methods that are no longer fruitful and avoid these church growth mistakes.



Church growth mistakes you might be making and how to shift your strategy to increase church growth in 2021.

Church Growth Examples

As you think through church growth strategies, it can be very beneficial to observe how other churches have achieved their growth. Take a look at the growing church examples in these articles below.



How other churches have attracted new congregants and what you can learn from them to help grow your church.

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