ParishStaq™ Catholic Church Software

Parish Management Software for Endless Ministry Growth

ParishStaq is our comprehensive church platform that includes all of our products—Giving, ChMS, Apps, and Pushpay Insights—to help you manage operations, drive donations, keep a pulse on the health of your community, and engage your congregation.

What’s inside ParishStaq™
Catholic Church Software?

ParishStaq™, is an all-in-one parish management software that includes  our entire suite of Catholic sofware: Giving, Apps, and ChMs. ParishStaq helps dioceses and individual parishes grow into the future. Depending on your parish’s needs, you can choose from three flexible package options: Core, Advanced, and Complete.

Our parish digital giving platform consolidates the tracking of offline, online, and non-cash gifts. It’s an all-in-one solution for donor management, complete with detailed financial reporting and analytics.

Our ChMs equips Catholic churches with tools for managing contacts, tracking attendance, scheduling volunteers, and handling parish management. It also facilitates smooth event check-ins and follow-ups.

The LEAD App allows clergy to take their ministry on-the-go, while the custom app keeps your congregation engaged with your parish.

Pushpay Insights unlocks a clearer and deeper understanding of parish health by bringing giving and engagement data together in one view. Leaders get unparalleled visibility to discover trends, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

“In the past I had a 3-ring binder with everyone’s address and phone numbers. If I was going to make a Communion call or to visit someone, I had to try to look up the number and address and then plug that into my GPS. With the LEAD App, I can bring up their name, see a picture, and I can just hit a button to call them or immediately get directions to their home which has been a total game changer!”

Fr. Christopher Walsh, Pastor
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Grow greater generosity with Parish giving software

Our Parish management software comes equipped with custom giving tools for Catholic churches that enables parishioners to give quickly and safely on any device.

  • Giving experience in English & Spanish
    3-second secure mobile and online giving, with the option to toggle between English and Spanish
  • Envelope integration
    Our seamless integration with National Church Solutions ensures giving options for traditional and digital givers alike
  • Custom QR Codes
    Offer parishioners an effortless and contact-free giving experience, and brand it with your parish logo at the center of the QR code
  • Rich Donor Insights
    Instant view of new, repeat, recurring, at-risk, and lapsed donors
  • Easy Donor Management
    Track offertory gifts in any form—checks, cash, online gifts, and gifts in kind. Plus, easily email or print annual giving statements

Use Parish management software to increase engagement

Our Catholic-specific ChMS lets you engage with active parishioners and discover opportunities to re-engage with those you haven’t seen in a while.

  • Communication tools
    Cultivate meaningful connections with user-friendly and shareable email templates, customized recipient lists, admin privileges, and more
  • Empower Parish leaders
    Clergy and faculty can access group management tools, parishioner profiles, and instantly see an overview of sacramental records
  • Reports
    Measure the effectiveness and engagement of your ministries and programs

Mobile Parish Apps for everyone

Grow into the future with Catholic church software that takes a mobile-first approach with custom Parish mobile apps.

  • LEAD App
    Only ParishStaq offers a mobile app in multiple languages so your pastor, staff, and leaders can pull up the information they need wherever they are
  • Parishioner App
    Brand it with your logo and look so Catholic church members can easily find your parish on all major digital platforms
  • Skip a stop to the parish office
    Register for faith formation, new membership, retreats, parish events, vacation Bible school, and more, right from the app
  • Volunteer Management
    Ensure that all of your Masses and activities are covered, and allow your people to swap assignments with each other through the app
  • App analytics
    Find out what content is getting the most views or downloads, and create more of what’s working for your community

Make informed decisions with Pushpay Insights.

Pushpay Insights empowers leaders to discover trends effortlessly, spot opportunities intuitively, and make decisions confidently, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your people.

  • All Your Data, One View
    No more juggling multiple sources of data for giving, attendance, and serving. With Pushpay Insights, all your essential parish data is centralized, so you can easily see the overall health and trends in your community.
  • Reclaim Disengaged Congregants
    One of parish leaders' biggest concerns is people falling through the cracks. Pushpay Insights helps you to identify individuals who may be disengaging so you can reach out and reconnect.
  • Turn Real-Time Insights Into Action
    Insights takes same-day data in ParishStaq and makes it actionable so you can confidently plan and execute strategies for growth and engagement.

Parishes Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Parish Software

Parishioner Profiles - Illustration
Parishioner Profiles

Instantly pull up and view a parishioner’s sacraments, ministry involvement, faith formation milestones, household information, and more.

Process Queues - Illustration
Process Queues

Move and track parishioners’ status as they progress through processes like OCIA (formerly RCIA), marriage preparation, sacramental preparation, and more. Set reminders and notifications for follow-up and accountability.

Facilities Management  - Illustration
Facilities Management

Leaders can reserve rooms and request resources, submit room layouts, and have their event visible on the parish calendar with staff approval.

Time-saving Form Templates - Illustration
Time-saving Form Templates

Need to streamline faith formation or VBS registration and fees? Customize forms or use a pre-built template to eliminate administrative stress and save time managing your ChMS.

Implementation & Coaching - Illustration
Implementation & Coaching

Seeing our customers succeed inspires us! Our tailored onboarding approach ensures that our new customers feel confident and supported throughout the entire process.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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 FAQs about ParishStaq

Why is ParishStaq considered an “all-in-one” Catholic software solution?

Catholic church management software, Giving, and Apps are foundational tech products which parishes and dioceses need to grow their communities. ParishStaq is an all-in-one Catholic church software where these three products are programmed to communicate data with each other so that your parish operations run smoothly. For the areas which ParishStaq does not provide a solution, we offer integrations commonly used among parishes and dioceses to ensure that your system operates seamlessly.

What makes ParishStaq different from other Parish software providers?

ParishStaq is strategically built to increase participation, streamline ministries, and grow your parish or diocese into the future. Unlike other solutions, ParishStaq:

  • Supports lasting religious vocations and lay ministry leadership with multilingual solutions
    • Catholic church management software in English and Spanish (Stay tuned! More languages to come!)
    • An app exclusively for pastors, staff, and ministry leaders in English, Vietnamese, and Spanish
  • Provides multi-campus features built for parishes and dioceses of all sizes
  • Offers a robust set of integration and developer APIs
  • Does not outsource processing to a 3rd party resulting in a more complete and secure giving experience
  • Only Pushpay takes 5 comprehensive security steps to ensure we safeguard the trust you’ve built with your parishioners, including being fully PCI-DSS Compliant, utilizing machine learning algorithms for fraud detection, conducting independent annual audits, and more

How is my data managed across the different parts of ParishStaq?

ParishStaq syncs your data to ensure that you have one, complete view of your parish community. When a new donor gives to your parish, their profile is automatically copied to the ChMS and App products.

Why is Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese only available in ChMS and Lead App and not in Giving?

Our software choices are designed with your needs in mind:

ChMS and Lead App

  • ChMS and Lead App are all about helping you communicate and collaborate effectively within diverse groups. ChMS is available in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese to ensure that everyone can participate and feel at home.


  • Pushpay Giving is currently available in English and Spanish. In the financial world, English serves as the universal language for finance, and we will continue to adhere to this standard in our giving software to ensure consistency and compliance with financial regulations.