Security at Pushpay®

Pushpay® has been built with security at its core

Our primary concern is ensuring all data is kept safe and our systems remain robust, reliable, and usable.

Proactive security requires continuous awareness and improvement

Regular reviews, penetration tests and working with world class security professionals helps Pushpay® to proactively identify and respond to risk. We have a security culture of continuous learning and improvement that aims to adapt to a changing online world.

Security built in

From concept to code, security is woven through our practices to ensure we consider security at every step.

First class data centers

Pushpay uses high quality data center partners to deliver resilient and secure hosting across multiple locations.

Enterprise grade encryption

Whether data is in transit or at rest, we use enterprise grade encryption and adapt our approaches as risk, technology and recommended approaches change.

Privacy focused

Protecting your personally identifiable information matters. We strictly control our data storage to ensure that it is protected and your privacy is preserved.

Fraud prevention

Active monitoring and checks identify potentially fraudulent or malicious activity and we are prepared to respond.

PCI Compliance

Pushpay is PCI compliant and works closely with auditors to ensure our security standards exceed compliance standards.

Logging and monitoring

Extensive monitoring and attention to system activity lets us proactively address issues, monitor for change and remain vigilant.

Payment verification

Additional checks and identity validation are built into our applications, protecting your payment methods and challenging unusual giving behavior.

Securing our people

From background checks to continuous training for all our staff, our people are well equipped to help us keep our data safe and our systems secure.

Found a security vulnerability?

If you believe you have found a security issue with a Pushpay® system or application, please let us know. We investigate all reports and do our best to quickly fix all valid issues.

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Got a security question?

Get in touch to discuss your organization’s bespoke needs. Our team are happy to answer your questions.

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