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Know and Grow Your Church with Pushpay Insights

Know and Grow Your Church with Pushpay Insights

The Church Tech Trends of 2024

Discover Pushpay's 2024 State of Church Technology

The State of Church Technology

The Heart of Discipleship

year end giving season strategies for churches ebook

Church Strategies for a Successful 2023 Year-End Giving Season

Guide to Church Budget Development

How to Engage Church Donors At Every Stage

Parish Outreach Toolkit

On September 28, 2023, we welcome guest speakers Fr. Duy Le and David Calavitta for a conversation on the current state and future of the Catholic Church.

The State and Future of the Catholic Church

A Field Guide for Asking the Right Questions of Your Church’s Data

The Unmasked Truth about Switching Church Software

From Sunday to Every Day

Reaching the Unchurched with Technology – ZOE Church’s Story

Church Tech Check Blog Hero Image

Church Tech Check

Strengthen the Safety of Your Children’s Ministry Today

The Ever-Evolving Church

Giving Statements Secrets

Creating a Welcoming Parish in the Digital Age

Year End Giving Success

Finding Success with Year-End Giving

Leading Through Crisis

Leading Through Digital Change

Finding Success with Check-Ins

Finding Success with Check-Ins

How to Prepare for Your Best Christmas Ever

5 Ways to Engage the Next Generation

Let’s Reinstate Your Pushpay App

Leverage Holy Week and Easter Data To Create A New Evangelization Strategy

Responsible Stewards

Boost Church App Engagement

Beat the Summer Slump: Leveraging Easter Data to Stay Engaged

Make Digital Church Feel Like Home

Church Budget Guide

Midsized Churches Are Embracing Technology

How To Grow, Lead, and Thrive at the Beginning of 2022

Vision, Mission, & Purpose

Shepherding Church Security

The Importance of Centralized Systems

How to Afford the Tech Your Church Needs

Five new unique ways Pushpay helps you grow participation

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Your Church’s Staff Culture

How Technology Can Help You Reclaim Holy Week

Ready To Grow Recurring Giving At Your Church? Here’s What You Need To Know

8 Strategic Hires That Will Grow Your Church

How to Follow Up After Your Biggest Easter Ever

211 Free Ready-to-Send Push Notifications That Will Grow Your Church

27 Plug-and-Play Facebook Ad Templates That Will Grow Your Church

How to Fill Up Your Church This Easter

7 Deadly Sends of Church Email Marketing

Persona Worksheet

Security and Trust – North Point Community Church’s Story

Bridging the Generation Gap – Greater Allen Church’s Story

The 7 Secrets To Protecting Your Church Against Decline

The 5 Key Elements of Church Tech

Building a Vision – Champion’s Centre’s Story

Start Strong: Must-Have Goals for Your Best Year Yet!

The Ultimate Guide to Planning for Your Best Christmas Yet

Church Technology Buyer's Guide

The Church Technology Buyer’s Guide

Vision, Mission, & Purpose: How to Grow a Lasting Church Legacy

20 Ready-to-Use Church Job Descriptions

Top 10 Must-Have Tech Tools

Simplifying Connection – Timberlake Church’s Story

2018 Digital Giving Trends in the Church

Why Content Marketing for Your Church Should Be a Priority This Year

5 Crucial Church Metrics You’re Not Measuring

The Summer Slump Survival Guide for Churches

Your Technology Should be Secure and Reliable

Reaching a City – Bethel World Outreach Church’s Story

5 Bad Habits that Kill Church Growth

CARES Act Checklist for Churches

Preparedness Checklist 2.0: Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19 and Beyond

Thanking Regular Givers

Connect to Your Congregation by Segmenting Your Givers

How to Kick-Start Your 2020 Year-End Giving Campaign

Pivoting Church to Digital and Physical is the New Normal

Creative Ways to Encourage Stewardship In Your Church

Digital Church Ministry Re-Imagined

Introducing our seamless integration with Quickbooks Online

Engaging with your people from a distance is possible.

7 Ways to reach more people – From Guest to Engaged

How COVID-19 Changed Church Forever

8 Facts About How Seniors Use Tech

Old Church, New Tech: Why Even Senior Church Members Want Digital Solutions

How Your Church Can Go from Surviving to Thriving

Don’t Lose Your Online Guests: How to Make Sure No One Falls Through the Cracks

5 Characteristics of Effective Mobile Notifications During a Crisis

The 6 Week Plan to Engaging and Retaining Easter Guests

Dysfunctional Stewardship: How Churches Get It Wrong

The Data Revolution and the Future of Giving for Churches

End-of-Year Giving Checklist for Your Church

5 Insanely Practical Ways to Fund Your Church’s 2020 Vision

4 Key Principles to Maximize Your Year-End Giving

Three Ways to Increase Recurring Giving

The 7 Key Tactics for Reaching Disengaged Community Members at Your Church

7 Avoidable Reasons Your Best Church Volunteers Quit

Church Volunteer Job Description Cheat Sheet

Inspire Generosity and Simplify Workflows

Nurture Workbook

Pushpay Overview

The Definitive Guide to Finding, Training, and Keeping Church Volunteers

Pastors, here are 29 real-life examples of generosity to use at your church

How to Use Targeted Facebook Ads to Grow Your Church

Help Your Church Members Take the next Step in Their Journey

The 2019 Church Growth Report

Teaching Your Church to Give

App Profiles Introduction

Pushpay Makes Engagement Easy

52 Ready-To-Use FREE Email Templates For Your Church

The Surprising Facts About Digital Giving in (and out of) the Church

The Definitive Guide to Social Media for Churches

Three Ways Giving Statements Can Help Grow Giving

3 Must-Haves For a Successful Digital Ministry

Three Ways To Use Technology To Encourage Meaningful Worship Experiences

Six Questions to Ask Before Buying New Church Tech

Digital Giving Trends 2020

10 Steps to Give Every Volunteer What They Need