Simplicity in Generosity

We’ve all seen the incredible ways generosity can change the world. How passionate engagement in a cause can inspire all those that surround it. How generosity can facilitate the spreading of hope, healing, safety, and compassion. To inspire a world starts with one thing, an idea, a cause, and a passion.

People want to be generous. But so often, we make it difficult for givers to live this value out. Historically, the church has led the way with innovation, pioneering things like hospitals, modern medicine, and even the printing press. Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile technology, in the midst of today’s technological revolution, the church has taken a backseat.

Co-founders Eliot Crowther and Chris Heaslip have always had a passion for generosity. They wanted to find a way to use technology to serve the Church with generosity and connect people to their communities. When they had the idea for Pushpay, it was realized when trying to be generous at church. With no cash on hand and no checkbook, they wondered why there wasn’t a better way. When people are passionate about a cause or an organization the last thing you want to do is make it challenging to support them or engage with them.


Technology Meets Generosity

It all started with Pushpay, originally only a mobile giving solution that made generosity easy and simple. It provided a constant open line to members of an organization and this enabled generosity anytime, anywhere with the touch of a virtual button. Over time, Pushpay has grown to be a full mobile giving and engagement solution that serves over 7,000 churches around the world, connecting them to the local community and simply inspiring generosity.

Generosity sits at the forefront of the church, and technology is now a key element to unlocking this generosity from a changing generation. We are here to serve the church. Pushpay is the leading resource for church growth, engagement, and management that helps facilitate generosity and participation. Our goal is to see billions of dollars given to the local church to serve the world and make it a better place.

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