Your complete, all-in-one church platform

ChurchStaq is our comprehensive church platform that includes all three of our products — Giving, CHMS, and Apps — to help you manage operations, drive donations, and engage your congregation.

What’s inside the ChurchStaq church platform?

With ChurchStaq, you get access to our entire suite of Giving, CHMS, and Apps products. Depending on the complexity of your needs, there are three flexible package options to choose from; Core, Advanced, and Complete.

Simplified Giving Tools

Our multi-lingual digital giving solution allows you track offline, online, and non-cash gifts in a single place – everything you need to manage your donors and keep track of detailed financial reporting and analytics.

Centralized Church Management

CHMS includes all of the tools to manage your church – contact management, attendance tracking, volunteer scheduling, facility management and more. Create check-in and follow-up processes for all your events.

Customizable Church App

The ChurchStaq church platform gives you access to all four of our mobile church apps – the MyChurch App, Custom Church App, LEAD App (for church leaders), and our Per-Campus App for multi-site management.

“We recently launched a one time giving campaign to raise funds for refugees forced from their homes in the Congo due to violence in that area. Our goal was $30k, we raised over $400k! This never could have happened without Pushpay!”

Tiffany Meaney, Engagement & Development Director
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“We make data driven decisions, we track everything, and the ability to pull raw data through Pushpay allows us to quickly make effective decisions so we can engage, connect, and reach people throughout our seven campuses.”

Shane McCroskey, Executive Pastor
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“The great features of the app make it easy for our congregation to get the information they need, and easy for us to get it to them. We have not found the combination of flexibility, features, and easy management of the Pushpay app in any other church app product.”

Kim Allman, IT Administrator Grace Church
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“We are very thankful for Pushpay. God brought Pushpay to us, 90% of our donations are from’s a very easy and simple way to organize all our donations.”

Hailey Roberts, Director
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Nurture greater generosity with Giving.

Our online church platform makes it easier for anyone to support your mission with simplified giving tools to donate, record, recognize, and encourage generosity.

  • Three Second Online Giving
    Remove any barriers to give towards your mission with simple payment processing on your website and church app for one time and recurring gifts
  • Donor Development
    Gain guided insights from our giving solution to nurture your congregation towards becoming committed and engaged stewards
  • Donor Management
    Keep track of the details with contribution entry tools for checks, cash, online gifts, and gifts in kind and then email annual giving statements to households

Know more than their name with ChMS.

See each member’s complete discipleship journey with a centralized church management software that tracks, reaches, and grows your church.

  • People Engagement
    See a full timeline and activity dashboard on people and family profiles to know when, where, and how they are engaging with your church
  • Ministry Empowerment
    Unify your ministries by equipping them with software to engage families and fulfill your church's mission together with tools like check-in, groups, events management, forms, communication tools, people workflows, and much more
  • Church Metrics
    Make informed decisions about the growth and health of your church with centralized data metrics, reports, and searches from the combined data from your ChurchStaq ecosystem

Your church in their hands with Apps.

Create a digital church experience with church apps that bring your ChMS, giving, and media together in one place.

  • Custom Branding
    Design your church app with your logo and look so people recognize your church on all major mobile platforms
  • Media and Content
    Centralize your message with live feeds, sermon library, podcasts, and event promotions all in one place
  • Connection Features
    Integrated ChMS features will centralize opportunities for your people to create stronger relationships at your church

Church Tech Check: Get a free custom report detailing the effectiveness of your church’s tech

Churches Love Pushpay

Leverage Your Digital Church Platform

Link and Sync - Illustration
Link and Sync

With our Apps, CHMS, and Giving products all connected in ChurchStaq, people’s contact information is synced between all three - helping reduce double entry for your admins and congregation.

Seamless Administration - Illustration
Seamless Administration

A single-sign on experience and linked features helps your admins navigate between products with ease.

Integrated Giving - Illustration
Integrated Giving

No matter where people are giving, gifts will show in all three products making it easier for reporting and managing donations for your finance team and congregation.

Simplified Congregant Experience - Illustration
Simplified Congregant Experience

Make it easy for your congregation to get involved and stay committed with a custom church app experience for them to engage with their giving, serving, groups, media and content.

Robust API - Illustration
Robust API

Elevate your church technology with our API to customize your web experiences, develop your own solutions, and integrate with third parties to create exactly what you need.

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Premium Security

With PCI-DSS Compliant Level 1 Service Provider certification, dedicated staff, regular personnel training, thorough testing, quality assurance, and so much more, we have implemented some of the highest security practices to protect your church’s data and privacy.

Partners and Integrations - Illustration
Partners and Integrations

Connect Churchstaq with the tools you’re already using to manage your church operations. Our integrations allow data to be shared seamlessly so that you have the information you need in all the right places.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


Ready to get started with ChurchStaq? Request a hassle-free demo or schedule a call with one of our product experts!


Why is ChurchStaq considered an “all-in-one” solution?

ChurchStaq is a leading church platform that combines the most important aspects of church technology into one solution. ChMS, Giving, and Apps are the foundation which churches need to grow their ministry. For the areas which ChurchStaq does not offer a solution, we offer integrations to ensure that our systems operate seamlessly.

What makes ChurchStaq different from competitors?

ChurchStaq is strategically built to increase your ministry by growing participation within your community while intentionally keeping your people engaged and connected. Unlike other digital church platforms, ChurchStaq:

  • Is built for churches of all sizes
  • Offers a robust set of integration and developer APIs
  • Does not outsource processing to a 3rd party resulting in a more complete and secure giving experience.

What if I am not looking for an “all-in-one” solution?

That’s OK!  We offer our ChMS and our Giving products as standalone solutions, each with three different package options; Core, Advanced, and Complete.  When you’re ready to move to something more comprehensive we can easily add the complimentary software that makes up ChurchStaq.

How is my data managed across the different parts of ChurchStaq?

ChurchStaq sync’s your data to ensure that you have one, complete view of your congregation.  When a new donor gives to your ministry, their profile is automatically copied to the ChMS and App users.