6 Ways to Grow Your Church Giving in 2024

It’s easy to make plans regarding upcoming sermon series, outreaches, and mission trips—you hear about this all the time. But did you know you can make plans that grow your church giving? Here are six things you can do this year to improve your church’s income.

1. Preach about church giving once a quarter

Does four sermons a year about giving seem like a lot? It shouldn’t. Helping people understand the connection between how they use their resources and how they exercise their faith is important.

There are a lot of different ways you can talk about giving without delivering a “church giving sermon.” For instance, preaching through the parables of Jesus would give you a lot of opportunities to talk about stewardship and giving.

2. Set a goal for the budget

One sure-fire way to grow your church giving is to set a faith-based budget increase. When you tell yourself, your staff, and your church exactly what your goals are, it gives them something to rally around.

The great thing about setting an increase early in the year is that you have the rest of the year to communicate with people about it. You can talk about your progress from the pulpit, in your bulletins, and in congregational emails. While some people might tune out sermons about church giving, they’re not resistant to hearing about how your church goals are progressing.

3. Start using mobile giving

We say this a lot on this blog, but it really can’t be overstated: People aren’t carrying around cash and checks like they used to. If you’re relying on physical offerings as your main source of income, stop!

One of the best things you can do this year to grow your church giving is to employ a mobile giving app like Pushpay. And I’m not just talking about adding it to your repertoire. Champion it, demonstrate how to use it from the pulpit, and get everyone on board—you’ll be surprised at how big of a difference it will make.

4. Promote recurring giving

When someone sets themselves up for recurring giving, their offering is taken out of their account automatically (i.e., you don’t have to remind them to give later).

A mobile app like Pushpay is your best bet for getting people to sign up for recurring giving. A good mobile giving app will prompt people to make their offering a recurring donation in a quick, intuitive way.

For example, if someone in your church gives twice within 30 days through their Pushpay app, they get an email prompting them to sign up for recurring giving. This email will send them directly to their account to get started. This has been proven to inspire recurring giving in a completely natural and seamless way.

Your new recurring donor will even get an email at the beginning of the month before their credit/debit card expires so that there’s never a lag in their giving. If they don’t update their card by the end of their expiration month, they’ll receive another reminder email.

5. Plan for a summer slump

Every year, church attendance (and church giving) takes a dip in the summer months. But if you plan for it, you can mitigate a lot of that shortfall. The fact that you know it’s going to happen means the power’s in your hands to change it!

One thing you can do that will have a big impact is to begin shifting the focus of giving away from Sunday mornings. If people think that giving is an activity that happens on Sunday mornings, they’ll forget to give when they’re not present.

Championing mobile and recurring giving is a huge step toward redeeming the summer slump. We’ve compiled a helpful resource to help you do this!

6. Plan for end-of-year giving

The last quarter of the year is called the “giving season” for a reason.

Make a plan to maximize that end-of-year giving by:

  • Teaching on giving in the last quarter
  • Sharing all the great things you were able to accomplish this year
  • Setting ambitious goals for next year
  • Sending an end-of-year giving letter

To help make this process even easier, we’ve put together the End-of-Year Giving Success Kit and filled it with everything you need to make the last quarter the most generous time of the year.

This kit is completely free and comes with:

  • Inspirational quotes, sermon illustrations, and responsive readings
  • Recommended books and four weeks’ worth of small group lessons
  • Plans to engage your guest after they’ve visited at Christmas
  • End-of-year giving letter instructions and examples

A Goal without a Plan Is a Wish

There’s everything you need to increase your giving by leaps and bounds this year. Download some of these resources and take some time to work through them. Once you have, pull your leadership team together and map out your strategy—it will make a huge difference.

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