Faith Formation

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Built to support your catechists and streamline faith formation ministry.
Digital Registrations &
Tuition Payments

“My favorite feature in ParishStaq is Forms. It’s so easy to use and so easy to set up. They drop immediately into Groups, you can get all the information you need, and prioritize different choices. It just makes our life here a lot easier.”

Jackie Shirley, St. Michael Catholic Church
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Simplify registration

Reduce the paperwork and help busy parents skip a stop at the parish office.
  • Forms and fees
    Customize registration forms to fit your needs, and set them up to accept payments.
  • Attach certificates
    Built with you in mind, forms allow parents to attach sacrament certificates and any other required documents upon registration.
  • Email or via app
    Easily send forms through email or allow parishioners to register through the custom church app.
  • Special events
    Create registration forms for other events like VBS or retreats.

People management

Avoid chaos and ensure every class is staffed with happy volunteers.
  • Create schedules
    Organize catechists and volunteers into one or more classes per week.
  • Process queues
    Manage classes, students, or individual preferences.
  • Take attendance
    Keep track of students in the ChMS, LEAD App, or custom app, and empower volunteers to instantly send information to your staff digitally.

Communication tools

Provide clarity and help your catechists feel supported in their ministry.
  • LEAD App
    Allow leaders to manage their class and schedules wherever they are with the only multilingual leader app on the market.
  • Emails or texts
    Send a quick note to remind them of their upcoming assignments or simply thank them for their commitment.
  • Parishioner App
    Anyone at the parish who has downloaded your app can manage their own schedule and browse open opportunities to serve.

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Do Even More

Attachments - Illustration

Attach files to schedules so catechists and aides have what they need.

Volunteer check-in - Illustration
Volunteer check-in

Confirm that your volunteers have arrived and have name tags ready for them.

Open positions - Illustration
Open positions

Fill any gaps in your schedule by opening up opportunities and alerting volunteers so others can step in.

Family calendar - Illustration
Family calendar

Empower parents with a family calendar where they can manage serving preferences and requests on behalf of their household.

Easy integrations. Connect the tools you’re already using to manage your community.


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What payment options are available through Forms?

You will have three options to display:

  • Pay Later (does not require payment to submit the form)
  • Debit/Credit Card Only
  • Debit/Credit Card and Pay Later

Who has permissions to manage volunteer serving?

A basic end-user can manage their own schedule, and a primary contact or spouse can manage their family’s serving schedule as well as their own. A master administrator has access to every schedule, while a full write admin will only have access to basic end-users within their parish site.