How C3 Tri-Cities Became a Light to Their Community During the Pandemic

For C3 Tri-Cities, Meeting Their 2020 Budget Was Only the Beginning

During the first few weeks of March 2020, the leadership of C3 Tri-Cities in Richland, Washington, could see what was coming.

Less than two months after healthcare workers diagnosed the first COVID-19 case in the U.S., rumors were already swirling that the state’s governor would seek to slow the mysterious illness’ spread by shutting down large public gatherings, including churches.


increase in digital giving since switching to Pushpay

After the first weeks of the shutdown, C3 Tri-Cities began asking the same questions being asked by churches all over the country: Would people continue to participate? Would they continue to give?

Thankfully, C3 Tri-Cities partnered with Pushpay, and as the shutdown continued through the summer and fall months, they were able to meet their budget and remain connected to their congregation.

Having such an established online giving system has carried us through COVID.

Wendy Francis - C3 Tri-Cities

An Unprecedented Year

Prior to the pandemic, C3 Tri-Cities joined forces with Pushpay to help bring a holistic solution to their fractured online giving system. Since adopting Pushpay and their full suite of ChurchStaq products, C3 Tri-Cities has seen a 20% increase in digital giving and a 70% increase in overall church growth.


of medical debt paid off and sent to collections

But C3 Tri-Cities wanted to do more for their community during the unprecedented year that was 2020. In addition to partnering with local nonprofits, C3 Tri-Cities paid off more than $1 million in medical debt for the people of Eastern Washington.

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"Incorporating Pushpay services has simplified our giving process. It’s really made it easier. We’ve seen the quantity and percentage of online giving rise each year."

Wendy Francis
C3 Tri-Cities

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