How River City Christian Church Engage Their Community While Avoiding Holiday Burnout

Automated Giving Statements to 12,000 Members

“We used to have to take at least a day to print giving statements on the special Christmas paper, stuff them in envelopes, and get them ready to be mailed. Pushpay saves us so much time at the end of the year.”

Carolyn Melville, Database Administrator


Christmas is a special—and busy—time of year for churches, and River City Christian Church is no exception. From hosting an event for 1000+ people to planning special services for Christmas Eve and Christmas day to organizing all the end of year giving information, Christmas is like their version of Super Bowl Sunday. By using Pushpay features, automations, and integrations, they saved days of work and protected their staff from holiday burnout.


Even before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, River City Christian Church’s staff were busy ministering, running a dance studio, and planning their big Christmas Mall event. Add in the seasonal events and increasing demands on their time, and stress levels were bound to skyrocket. And with an outdated ChMS, church staff often had to manually comb through the system for the data they needed. 

Carolyn Melville, their Database Administrator, recalls, “It was obsolete. There were 12,000 people in the database, but we had no way of knowing who was active. Even running a report for giving statements was horrible. Most of the time I was doing it by hand.” 

River City Christian Church knew they needed a better option for streamlining their systems and cutting out the busywork to keep them from burning out.


By using Pushpay Forms, Process Queues, Mail Merge and Reports, they saved days of work and protected their staff from holiday burnout. “There’s no more stress from a last minute scramble,” Carolyn says. “Now I can pre-schedule reports to go to each manager, so in real time, they’re getting updates on who’s signed up to volunteer, who’s checked in for the event, and what rooms are at capacity during events.”


100 operational hours saved


With Pushpay’s tech supporting their ministry, River City Christian Church is gearing up for another busy Christmas season and another year of impact in their community. The report is built, and end of year Giving Statements are ready to send out with each individual’s personalized giving link, saving the team from busywork, papercuts, and postage. And as they approach their 11th year of hosting their Christmas Mall, 800 volunteers are already signed up, and the team has systems in place to ensure the day runs smoothly.

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Key Tools
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Management of 800+ volunteers
Automated Giving Statements to 12,000 members
100 operational hours saved

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