How Data Unlocked Deeper Connections For Asbury United Methodist Church


In 1986, more than 150 members started Asbury United Methodist Church, with the vision for a church that would be truly open to all, give generously to its community, and grow faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Today, those principles are still being lived out by the church and its 2600+ members. But that also means the church staff has a lot of people to connect with and a need for tools and systems to keep people from falling through the cracks.

They’ve been using Pushpay’s church management software since 2017 and giving since 2020 to better connect with their members. However, with the launch of Pushpay Insights, the church’s Executive Director, David Miller, discovered how actionable data analysis could better support their church in their mission of bringing people together.


Managing a large congregation like Asbury United Methodist Church is no small feat. With online giving and a church management system in place, Asbury had a solid foundation to manage operations and engage their community. But they needed an easier way to keep a pulse on the health of their community as a whole and, more importantly, a better way to spot people who may be disengaging so they could reach out and reconnect.


Pushpay Insights brings Asbury United Methodist Church’s ChMS and Giving data together to create a central space to view the data and take action. The first-of-its-kind tool offers actionable insights into the church’s data to help them know and grow their church.

There’s incredible data mining potential beyond what the ChMS can currently do. It’s like metrics on steroids. We can track attendance and engagement. We can track volunteers and service. And we can track giving and donors in real-time. That’s going to allow us to catch people before they fall through the cracks and they’re gone.
David Miller, Executive Director

With Pushpay Insights, David and his team unlocked a clearer and deeper understanding of the church’s health—attendance, giving, and engagement—all in one easy-to-use view. Those metrics empower the staff at Asbury United Methodist Church to confidently plan and execute strategies for growth and engagement, enhancing their event planning and volunteer recruitment, along with nurturing relationships with donors.


Leveraging Pushpay Insights along with their ChMS and Giving tools significantly improved the church’s operations and ability to connect with their congregants. It unlocked engagement and discipleship capabilities within the church, showing David and his fellow staff members that every data point is a potential life touched, every chart is a roadmap to discipleship, and every statistic is an opportunity for the spiritual growth of a community member. David mentions that the clergy, staff, and committee heads will love this new product’s data-informed and actionable insights. David adds, “Insights is going to become a major part of our weekly reporting routine here at Asbury.” 

Pushpay Insights is helping Asbury United Methodist Church better know and grow their people in every stage of their journey. David closes by saying, “Better data means better advances for our congregation and our community as a whole. As Pushpay Insights grows and develops, it’s going to mean stronger and more meaningful data that will be useful in the missions and Ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church.”

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There's incredible data mining potential with Pushpay Insights. We can track attendance and engagement. We can track volunteers and service and we can track giving and donors in real time. That's going to allow us to catch people before they fall through the cracks and they're gone.

David Miller, Executive Director

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