How All Nations Worship Assembly Increased Online Giving and United Campuses

Summary: Increased online giving and united campuses

The giving experience is universal. Let’s get all of our people together–discipled to give online–and free up time so we can be about the business of bringing people together to worship.

Jasmine Finley, CFO All Nations Worship Assembly


All Nations Worship Assembly is a diverse and vibrant church made up of members from twelve different campuses across the United States.

In their words, “The vision of All Nations Worship Assembly is to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life can be transformed, challenged, and developed into the Leader God has called them to be.”

They have experienced incredible growth over the past few years and show no signs of slowing.


Early in the life of All Nations Worship Assembly, as the church expanded to multiple campuses, they were juggling with a number of giving softwares and processes. Unfortunately, the inconsistency of digital platforms and modes of functioning created more work for the administrative teams, especially for those serving as the corporate leadership team.
In 2016, when All Nations was large enough to begin planting churches and expanding their reach and scope of ministry, their mix of giving was 40% online and 60% in-service. That meant a significant amount of labor processing and managing member giving. And, you should know that ANWA members are passionate, faithful, and generous. Handling the sheer number of envelopes and paper checks was daunting. Pair that with their rapid expansion, it was apparent there was a clear opportunity for improvement.

Not only were the logistics of paper checks and cash a consideration, but there were a number of inconsistencies between the different campuses. Though they share a common vision, the campuses of All Nations are independently managed, and a small leadership team at their primary offices act as a central guiding body. Across the board, a variety of softwares were being used to manage giving. Not only was the member experience different depending on the location, but the reporting was nearly impossible to reconcile. It was time for something better.


Given through Pushpay


The search for a better way of receiving member’s generosity and managing gifts led them to Pushpay. Jasmine Finley, All Nations Worship Assembly CFO was instrumental in partnering with Pushpay to bring a unified experience to the church. Jasmine’s unique perspective as the convergence point of every campus’ finances, paired with her extensive experience in the field, positioned her to enact a change that would have a massive impact on the health and life of All Nations.

After searching and testing out of various solutions, Jasmine and All Nations settled upon Pushpay as their digital giving platform. Pushpay was rolled out to every campus to rave reviews. The ease of use, consistent user experience, and unified reporting deepened the connection between each campus and the All Nations leadership.

“Passion + Purpose = Ministry.” This formula captures Jasmine Finley’s belief about how to find meaning in work and really, to find a calling. For her, the passion “to build a strong family of disciples with a heart to change the world,” paired with her purpose–which could be summarized as stewarding the resources and finances of All Nations Worship Assembly–equal ministry. She saw that same formula emerge in Pushpay’s passion to help churches make disciples, plus our purpose in streamlining and enhancing church giving. The decision to partner together seemed obvious.


The partnership between Pushpay and All Nations Worship Assembly has resulted in surprising improvements in not only the number of online givers but also an impressive positive impact from having a consistent giving platform.

After implementing Pushpay — which, when asked about the migration process, Jasmine could scarcely remember, because it was “quite seamless” — All Nations Worship Assembly has gone from having only 40% online giving to an astounding 96%. All but a sliver of the All Nations Worship Assembly’s members, give through the Pushpay platform. This shift in giving practices has not only simplified the processing and handling of gifts, but has all but eliminated many security and privacy concerns associated with the handling of cash and checks.

Not only has the implementation of Pushpay streamlined and unified the reporting functionality, but it significantly boosts the integrity of the giving data. Leadership at all levels now have access to accurate and valuable information to assist in making many important decisions.

All twelve locations now have a unified and consistent experience. This unity has not only improved the member experience, but the leadership as well. Sharing a software is a simple concept, but has helped create a sense of unity not only in mere reporting, but in mission as well. Pushpay is privileged to share in All Nations Worship Assembly’s mission “to create a consistent atmosphere of worship, intimacy, and visitation from the Lord.”

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