How LibertyLive Church Increased Giving by Switching to Pushpay

10% increase in overall giving

To me, if you want to be relevant as a church moving forward, you have to offer online giving. If you want to be where the people are, you have to be online: they shop online, they bank online, they do everything online. So, if you’re not offering online giving, you’re asking them to do something outside their norm.

Justin Greene, Executive Director of Admin at LibertyLive.Church


LibertyLive.Church is a four-campus Southern Baptist church in Virginia with a passion for changing lives, communities, and the world for Jesus Christ. In addition to their four brick and mortar locations, they also have a vibrant online community they treat as a fifth location. In 2016, LibertyLive.Church began experiencing some issues with their giving solution, and that’s when they began to take a serious look at Pushpay.


By 2016, LibertyLive.Church was already on their second online giving solution, and they were experiencing some trouble with that platform. That’s when they started looking for a new solution— something with an exceptional end-user experience. While they had some crucial considerations on the integrations front, their primary desire was to find a solution their community was going to love. They knew if the experience wasn’t clean, simple, and easy-to-use, their community wouldn’t adopt it.


increase in overall giving


When you talk to Justin Greene from LibertyLive.Church, he’ll tell you this was their third platform move, but it was by far the easiest. Part of what made that experience easy was Pushpay’s five-step implementation system. As with any move involving a large number of people, there are going to be stragglers, but the entire process took them about eight to nine months to get every last person moved over. Pushpay’s templates made the process painless and fast.


The results LibertyLive.Church experienced speak for themselves. This year alone, giving is up 10%, and they’ve gone from having 45% of their community on recurring giving to 60%, which is an incredible jump. The recurring givers have allowed the church to have a more predictable and stable budget. The church has just come out of the summer for the first time ever without being negatively impacted by the summer slump. In fact, they ended the summer with a surplus!

One of the Pushpay features LibertyLive.Church took advantage of is “default to recurring,” which simply prompts new users to set up a recurring gift right away. Our customers have seen up to three times the number of recurring givers after launching this feature, resulting in over 4% increases in monthly giving.

In addition to the recurring giving feature, LibertyLive.Church launched a generosity campaign with Auxano, which gave them a good foundation for ways to talk about giving with their community. The combination of this campaign with a simple and easy-to-use giving solution proved to be a great combo that has sparked a new spirit of generosity in their community.

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10% increase in overall giving

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