Church Volunteer Management Software

Go beyond just a scheduling software.

Cultivate a culture of serving with church volunteer scheduling and management software that not only helps you organize and schedule your teams, but empowers them all in one place.



Simplify Scheduling
Support Your Volunteers
Strengthen Every Ministry

Schedule people for every role, across every ministry in your church

Meet your volunteers where they’re at with event scheduling and management, and customize volunteer hours to fit your service needs. Spend a few minutes setting up ministry serving areas, not a few days.

  • Schedule Grid
    Schedule multiple services and weeks at a time to see at a birds eye that you’re fully staffed
  • Manage Teams
    Keep the details in order with maintaining lists of the roles and positions people have signed up and scheduled accordingly
  • Lead App
    Manage your teams and schedules wherever you are with our mobile leader app

Map serving rotations to each person’s availability and preference

  • Serving Rotations
    Keep track of teams scheduled for specific weeks with set rotation lists that can be loaded indirectly into your weekly schedules
  • Availability and Preferences
    Empower your volunteers and church leaders to set block out dates, preferred services and weeks to serve, along with finding their own replacements
  • Congregant App
    Volunteers can manage their serving and browse open positions all from the My Church App

Ensure every ministry is fully staffed with serving teams and serving roles

  • Schedule Reports and Insights
    Each schedule comes with system reports and position insights to give your leaders a quick glance into volunteer needs
  • Roll up metrics
    See the overall health of your church’s volunteer culture or drill down to specific teams to review serving trends
  • Automated Workflows
    Automatically plug individuals into serving positions or volunteer pipelines with digital forms and people automations

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Do Even More with Church Volunteer Management Software

Attachments - Illustration

Attach files and service plans to schedules so everyone is on the same page and has what they need to serve well.

Open positions - Illustration
Open positions

Alert volunteers and fill any gaps in your schedule by opening up volunteer opportunities to your volunteers to sign up to serve.

Notifications - Illustration

Define and set a notification schedule for your volunteers to be notified about upcoming scheduled opportunities by email and text.

Family Calendar - Illustration
Family Calendar

Use a calendar the whole family can access. Volunteers can manage serving preferences, block out dates, and serving requests on behalf of their entire household.

Volunteer Check-In - Illustration
Volunteer Check-In

No more hide and go seek during a worship service. Set up check-in stations for volunteers to notify their team leaders they are there and ready to serve.

Background Check alerts - Illustration
Background Check alerts

Schedulers can be alerted when a church volunteer needs to complete or renew their background check before they can be scheduled.

Communications - Illustration

Message specific teams and positions with any special announcements about an upcoming service or schedule change.


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 FAQs on Church Volunteer Scheduling

How does volunteer scheduling software increase participation?

Make attendance tracking easier through our volunteer management software. Volunteer scheduling drives increased participation by equipping church volunteers with tools to manage their volunteer hours. Volunteers will love having the ability to sign up for opportunities, schedule vacations, and being reminded of when it’s their time to serve.

Is it easy for volunteers to manage their time?

We’ve made it easy for your church volunteers to find serving opportunities and sign-up. For families who choose to volunteer together, they can set their preferences to work together.  And if they are unable to volunteer, finding a replacement is easy.

How can a church coordinate volunteers with background checks?

With Process Queues, your church can be assured that your volunteers have completed a background check, attended a training, or completed any tasks before they’re assigned an opportunity.

Does volunteer scheduling software help families?

Yes, families can set their volunteer preferences making it easier for them to serve.  Whether it’s based on ministry, dates, service, or interest, volunteer scheduling ensures that your families will have a great experience when they serve together.

How does Volunteer Scheduling help leaders?

Leaders can create templates, send requests and manage volunteers from the website or from the LEAD app.  Leaders can minimize burnout by creating rotations and finding new volunteers to share the work.