Finding a Giving App That Your Church Will Actually Use

Finding a Giving App That Your Church Will Actually Use

When we tell churches that people are moving away from giving with checks and cash, they occasionally don’t believe us. It’s usually because they have giving options like text-to-give, online forms, and mobile apps, but for some reason, a majority of their people aren’t using them. They’re surprised when we tell them that the issue isn’t that people would prefer to pay with checks; it’s that they need a mobile solution that people will actually use.

It would be nice if people were using more of these platforms because it’s a lot easier and safer for churches to handle digital currency exchanges. But if you’re not using Pushpay, you’re probably not getting the buy-in you should be from these giving solutions.

In churches with a Pushpay app, 76 percent of the congregation uses the app for church giving. (That’s important, because the average mobile giver gives more.)

If you’re not using Pushpay, you’ve got to be thinking, “How is that even possible?!” Typically, churches using other giving platforms are only seeing usage in the single digits.

This is why Pushpay is so popular with churches. We focus on making giving as easy and quick as possible for every donor and ensuring that churches have the tools they need to get their people to start using the app.

Here’s why churches and givers love using the Pushpay app:

All Roads Lead to Mobile

Mobile apps are making a huge impact on the economic landscape. Amazon recently revealed that 60 percent of its 2015 sales were mobile. When you consider that their 2015 revenue was $107.01 billion, you realize how significant that number is.

That said, not everyone is entirely comfortable making mobile purchases yet, and they need to be eased into the process. That’s why Pushpay has created an all-roads-lead-to-mobile funnel process.

The Pushpay app is powered by Pushpay, and people can sign up and use Pushpay online until they feel more comfortable using the mobile app to make donations. In fact, even if they give with cash or checks using an envelope with their giving info, they’ll get an email with a giving receipt and an encouragement to get the app.

We Focus on Customer Success

“Customer service” is so passé. At Pushpay, we’re focused on “customer success!” We want to do more than take care of needs that arise—we are focused on making sure you succeed.

That’s why for the first 60 days after signing up for Pushpay, you have one person who works directly with your church to help you define what success looks like for you and help you work through our 5 Steps of Success.

I’d really love to tell you what those 5 steps are, but I can’t. They’re the secret sauce that guarantees your church’s success and gets 76 percent of your church using the app!

Not only that, but we work hard to make sure everyone has the support they need. This means that we are answering questions for the church and the people in the church who are doing the giving. If someone emails the Pushpay support team with a problem, your issue will be resolved on average within 5 hours—and the customer satisfaction rating on our support is at 96 percent.

It’s All about the User Experience

When push comes to shove, a giving app has to be one that people are willing to use. It needs to be quick, simple, and user-friendly. This is where Pushpay shines! We’ve focused on developing an app that people want to use. In fact, Pushpay took home the silver in the World 2016 App Design Awards, coming in right behind Capital One.

Using a giving app should be a breeze, and all obstacles between the giver and the gift should be removed. With our app, there aren’t a lot of barriers or steps. The giver is under 5 taps away from giving their gift.

You Care about Security—We Do, Too!

We understand that our service is only as good as our security. This is an enterprise-level company, and we know the importance of keeping your information secure. That’s why we have over 40 developers who take protecting your information very seriously.

Our security focus is seen in the ways we:

  • Support Touch ID, PIN numbers, and more
  • Monitor for potentially fraudulent or malicious behavior
  • Work closely with auditors to ensure PCI compliance
  • Create additional checks and validations to protect payment methods and challenge unusual giving behavior
  • Control data storage to ensure protected privacy
  • Provide background checks and continuous training for all staff
  • Use enterprise-grade encryption and adapt our approach to the latest recommendations regarding risk and technology

Bottom line: we make it incredibly easy for a churchgoer to give money when they want to—and incredibly difficult for anyone else to take their money.

Get your whole church to give.

Why keep using a giving platform that your church isn’t invested in? Instead, get a giving app that gets your whole church actively involved.

Jayson D. Bradley

Jayson D. Bradley is a writer and pastor in Bellingham, WA. He’s a regular contributor to Relevant Magazine, and his blog has been voted one of the 25 Christian blogs you should be reading.