End-of-Year Giving Letter Tips

End-of-Year Giving Letter Tips

The holiday season is also a time that people generally become the most charitable. The Center on Philanthropy (COP) at Indiana University has reported that people tend to give 24 percent of their entire annual giving between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It’s also a good time to reach out to the people who intend to give but, for whatever reason, haven’t gotten around to it.

Sending out a letter encouraging church members to give their eleventh-hour gifts has helped many churches, ministries, and charities find the extra funds needed to cover budgetary shortfalls or fund exciting new projects.

Here’s a quick, painless template for that end-of-year giving letter.

  • Warm familial greeting
  • Introduction reinforcing your mission
  • Share the highlights
  • Here’s where we are going/request
  • Draw attention to any budget issues or church concerns
  • Let them know how to make a donation
  • Wrap it up with a call to arms

See the bottom of the post to download a PDF of the template and for our complete Year End Essentials ebook—everything a Pastor needs to inspire end of year generosity:

[Your church logo here]
[Warm, familial greeting]
Dear [church name] family and friends,
[Introduction reinforcing your mission]
What a powerful year it has been! We are a church that celebrates life change and while numbers aren’t everything, they are incredibly encouraging.
[Share the highlights]
Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • 103 new baptisms
  • 53 new children through our Sunday morning programs
  • 252 Thanksgiving meals provided
  • 38 lives committed to Christ
  • $12,282 raised for the Two Feet Project in Africa

[Here’s where we are going/request]
Even though we have accomplished much together this past year, there is still much to be done as we continue pressing on in our call ‘to create life change by introducing people to the Gospel.’ [your church’s vision statement here in place of ours]

To that end I want to invite you to help us finish the year strong and prepare ourselves for an exciting [insert year] by prayerfully considering an end-of-year financial gift to [church name]. Our family is making this a priority, and I’m asking you and your family to do the same.

[Draw attention to any budget issues or church concerns]
“While we have had a good year of giving, especially to special projects and missions [this can be replaced with areas the church has been particularly generous], we presently have a year-to-date operating expense shortfall of [insert budget deficit].”
[Let them know how to make the donation]
“You can make a donation by giving in our Sunday offerings, mailing a check to the church office, or through your Pushpay app. (Please note: in order for these gifts to be tax deductible they must be postmarked and/or given before December 31, [year].)”

[Wrap it up with a call to arms]
“I want you to remember that your gift funds a ministry that changes lives. Thank you for being a part of the [church name] family and helping us accomplish the vision God has given us.
Together in His service,
[Your name]

For a deep dive into year-end giving success, download our free ebook, End-Of-Year Giving Success Kit today. It’s chock-full of all the ideas, tips, and tools your church needs to end the year strong!

Derek Gillette

Derek Gillette is the Digital Marketing Content Specialist at Cisco. He and his wife share a life mission to create meaningful conversations through vulnerability.