5 Must-Have Game-Changing Apps for Busy Pastors

5 Must-Have Game-Changing Apps for Busy Pastors

We live in a complicated world with lots of demands competing for our attention. Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed with your workload, what’s being asked of you, and how to get it all done well and on time? We’ve all been there. Fortunately, if you can slow down enough to look at the big picture, there are technology tools out there that can boost your productivity and focus.

But then again, there’s also such a thing as decision fatigue. Ever found yourself standing in the middle of a grocery store aisle at 10PM trying to make a decision on a toothbrush purchase? Too many options can be paralyzing.

Fortunately, I know someone who can help.

Casey Cease is pastor of Christ Community Church in Magnolia, TX, a business coach, and an entrepreneur who owns a partnership publishing company called Lucid Books. How he gets it all doneand wellbaffles me. But there is one key to his productivity that isn’t a mystery: He has a way of choosing the right technology.

Recently, I sat with Casey over breakfast and I asked him how he kept up with all of the competing demands. Without hesitation, he rattled off a list (detailed below) of must-have apps for busy pastors:

1. Trello

When you work collaboratively, do you ever find yourself lost in a sea of tasks? Trello is a simple, flexible, and super visual personal and team project management tool. Trello is cost-effective, it works logically, and tasks and boards are easily replicated so you can stay on task.

2. Evernote

Evernote is like a high-capacity repository for post-it notes. Only organized. And not clunky, like paper. Do your research and store your data. Only you have robust search capabilities, so you don’t find that ever important post-it wadded up in an indecipherable clump at the bottom of a pocket of newly washed jeans.

3. Slack

Most everyone I know believes email is a necessary evil. We’d all get rid of it if we could, but we can’t. So we deal. But what if you could easily scan and search multiple files and conduct conversations in one spot. Enter Slack. If you’re looking for a simple internal team communication tool, look no further.

4. Calendly

Keeping a calendar up to date is no easy task. If only you had a personal assistant, right? Well, maybe you do. If not, why not automate it? Calendly helps you automate your scheduling and get control of your calendar again.

5. Text In Church

Keeping your church messaging clear, concise, and focused is tough. On the one hand, you don’t want to fatigue everyone in the congregation with the same kinds of communication from the stage. Now you can communicate clearly and give your congregation a “next step” that will further your mission. Text In Church is a robust texting service for church leadership and pastors you definitely want to check into.

Beefing Up Your App Toolbox

There you have it. Balancing pastoral oversight with the need to just get things done is a struggle that isn’t going away. In fact, there are more and more things competing for your attention every day. The work is never done. But now, you can use the right tools to lighten the load so you can focus on what’s most important.

Matt Johnson
Content Marketing Manager at Pushpay

Matt Johnson is a husband, dad, author, and armchair student of theology. He likes long walks on the beach and has questionable taste in music.