About Pushpay®

Pushpay® improves sales and business processes by making payments simple. We love that.

Who are Pushpay?

Pushpay was created by business and sales experts with a deep understanding of the deficiencies in how money is collected, and paid. This knowledge has been the driving force behind the Pushpay solution.

Christopher (Chris) Heaslip

Chris Heaslip Co-founder & CEO

Chris Heaslip co-founded Pushpay in 2011 with Eliot Crowther. He envisioned Pushpay’s product through a software-as-a-service model to enable businesses, organizations and consumers to benefit from m-commerce that is fast, secure and easy-to-use.

Chris has worked in, for and alongside large and complex businesses to develop superior systems and optimal accounting treatment.

He has previously served as CEO of an accounting and tax consultancy, a tax management professional and business adviser at KPMG, and an investigator for the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

An accountant by vocation, with a Masters (2005, Hons) in Tax at the University of Auckland, a Graduate Diploma in Commerce, Taxation and Law (2004) and a BCom in Accounting (2003), Chris is based in Seattle, Washington State, in the US.

Eliot Crowther

Eliot Crowther Co-founder & Director

Pushpay co-founder Eliot Crowther is a proven sales professional with several years’ experience working in commercial high-value sales. Prior to Pushpay, he was a leading sales executive at HRV, the prominent New Zealand home ventilation business.

His in-depth understanding surrounding business and sales, and the deficiencies in how organizations actually get paid, seeded the realization there was a significant opportunity in the payments space to develop a new non-point-of-sale payments system that is fast, secure and easy to use.

His role at Pushpay is driving Pushpay’s revenue at 20% growth month-on-month. Eliot’s focus is to execute on Pushpay’s vision for payment simplicity by driving uptake in key vertical markets like faith and not-for-profit sectors and expanding Pushpay’s offerings into the enterprise market. Eliot holds a Diploma in Applied Sciences (2006) from AUT. He is based in Seattle, Washington State, in the US.

Our Story


Like many companies, Pushpay began with an idea. An idea in the mind of Eliot Crowther while he was trying to make a payment and wondering why it wasn't far easier. With the help of co-founder Chris Heaslip, this initial idea grew into a concept for a world-class commerce exchange to handle consumer transactions with ease, speed and efficiency, without the hassle of logins and bank account numbers.


Pushpay started with churches, addressing the problem that donors didn’t give due to payment friction and various complexities. Injecting easy 10 second payments via Pushpay revolutionized the way many US church ministries operated.


By 2013, hundreds of churches across the US were partnering with Pushpay, dramatically changing the landscape of how people supported the causes that weighed on their hearts. Pushpay online giving widened to provide similar benefits to the wider not-for-profit sector, including various major charities in the US, New Zealand and Australia.


Pushpay has fast become a respected mechanism to improve sales and reduce overheads in almost any business situation. Pushpay's rapid growth is seeing millions of dollars go through the platform every month.