About Pushpay®

At Pushpay®, we build world-class giving and engagement solutions to help organisations grow their communities.

Who are Pushpay?

Pushpay provides engagement solutions that enable meaningful connections and mobile commerce tools that facilitate fast, secure and easy non point of sale payments. Pushpay provides convenient, personalised and intuitive engagement and payment solutions to the faith sector, not-for-profit organisations and education providers.

Pushpay receives funding from Callaghan Innovation to help cover the commercialisation of innovation.

Pushpay is an award-winning company, team and product. For more information visit www.pushpay.com/investors/awards.

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Christopher (Chris) Heaslip

Chris Heaslip Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Chris Heaslip is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Pushpay. Along with his Co-Founder Eliot Crowther, Chris envisioned an integrated Consumer friendly cloud-based mobile commerce solution that could simultaneously provide a platform for increased sales and revenue, while simplifying business processes and reducing costs.

Chris has worked in and for a number of SMEs and Corporate Organisations to develop effective and efficient systems and optimal accounting treatment.

He has previously served as CEO of an accounting and tax consultancy and prior to that as a tax management professional and business adviser at KPMG. Chris was also an investigator at the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

Chris is an Accountant by vocation, with a BCom (Accounting), DipCom (Taxation and Law) and a MCom Hons (Taxation) all from the University of Auckland. Chris lives with his family in Seattle in the USA.

Eliot Crowther

Eliot Crowther Sales, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Eliot Crowther is a Co-Founder of Pushpay (along with CEO Chris Heaslip) and is a proven sales professional with several years’ experience working in commercial high value sales. Eliot co-founded Pushpay after realising there was a significant opportunity to aggregate mobile commerce tools to enable Merchants to efficiently and effectively communicate and transact with Consumers. Eliot helps drive Merchant growth and Consumer engagement through targeted product offerings.

Prior to co-founding Pushpay, Eliot was a leading sales executive at HRV, the home ventilation business. His in-depth understanding of the sales process and mobile commerce was essential in establishing two of Pushpay’s key vertical markets, the Faith Sector and Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs). Eliot is now focused on executing Pushpay’s strategy to adapt its mobile commerce solutions to expand into SMEs and Corporate Organisations.

Eliot, a former New Zealand representative in cycling, holds a DipAppSc from AUT University and lives with his family in the USA.

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