A Pastor’s Guide to
Christmas Season Growth

During the Christmas season, pastors face a flurry of challenges. There’s a need to inspire and motivate the congregation, all while ensuring the Christmas services are engaging and memorable. It’s not uncommon for pastors to feel a certain pressure during this time. But don’t let your tinsel get in a tangle! Explore the resources below for tips and tricks to make this Christmas the most meaningful and merry one yet!

Create an Engaging Christmas

This holiday season, bring your congregation closer with these helpful resources. From actionable steps to insights, these resources can aid pastors looking to reach out, engage, and retain their congregation during this Christmas season.


A collection of helpful resources designed for pastors that are meant to keep both newcomers and your congregation engaged despite the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

Boost Seasonal Generosity

‘Tis the season for giving and generosity! End-of-Year giving is a huge part of most churches’ income, so how do you cultivate a culture of generosity within your congregation and capitalize on this season for generosity needed to further your ministry? Dive in and discover how to turn seasonal goodwill into a year-round commitment to generosity.


Discover joy-filled strategies to boost generosity at your church during the Christmas season that will make your end-of-year giving as cozy and heartwarming as a cup of hot cocoa by the fireside.

Leading Well for an Effective Christmas

Christmas season can be incredibly taxing on pastors and church leaders. How do you lead your team and jingle all the way without ending up with ministry burnout?


Tips for nurturing everyone’s time and talent—and technology’s role in that effort—to maximize the effectiveness of your team during the Christmas season.

Learn more about how Pushpay’s solutions can help you serve your congregation joyfully during the Christmas season and all year round.