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Cultivate Relationships

“My favorite ParishStaq features are the Events and Groups tabs. The Events tab helps me see what the ministers plan each week and promote those events on our social media platforms. The Groups tab allows us to send email blasts to parishioners any time of the week.”

Rex Yabut, St. Michael Catholic Church


Share your parish news confidently with parish communication software.

  • Mail Merge
    Simplify your communications with user-friendly, personalized, and shareable email templates that can be quickly personalized and sent
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  • Interactive Parish Bulletin
    Enhance your weekly bulletin and drive deeper engagement with images, links, or forms
  • Branded Communications
    Add your logo and insert a variety of fields to personalize emails
  • Segment Lists
    Personalize communication for specific people or groups
  • In-App Polls
    Send quick interactive surveys and discover how you can better engage with your people


Create a welcoming parish experience and build a community of support.
  • Respond To A Need
    Send custom messages and encourage people to sign up for specific needs
  • Serving Opportunities
    Automate text and email reminders so your volunteers are ready to serve
  • Groups
    Allow participants to respond to Group invitations directly from their email
  • Leader Alerts
    Keep communication lines open and set up automated reminders for form responses, facility requests, or follow-up steps for your leaders
  • Standardize Forms
    Choose from a collection of form templates, from event payments to faith formation. Event registration is a breeze for everyone involved, from staff and volunteers using time-saving templates to parishioners who can quickly register up to ten people in a single submission.

Cultivate Relationships

Build connection and belonging with newcomers and regular parishioners.
  • Group Leader Emails
    Allow leaders to email or text their group or class without giving them full access to parish-wide communications
  • In-App Group Threads
    Spark ideas and encourage conversations to help participants along their relationship with Christ
  • Follow-up
    Reach out to newcomers or someone with a request. Send yourself a copy, save your email in Notes, and wait for them to reply directly to you
  • Donor Messages
    Maximize donor development with automated thank you emails, account and payment updates, and invites to set up a recurring gift
  • Open Responses
    Learn more about your audience with quick response notifications to provide feedback, ask questions, or submit prayer requests

Parishes Love Pushpay

At the macro-level, data can be used to measure not only how effective we were in forming missionary disciples but, at the micro level, how well we’re forming hearts for Jesus.

Lisa Sliker
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“In the past I had a 3-ring binder with everyone’s address and phone numbers. If I was going to make a Communion call or to visit someone, I had to try to look up the number and address and then plug that into my GPS. With the LEAD App, I can bring up their name, see a picture, and I can just hit a button to call them or immediately get directions to their home which has been a total game changer!”

Fr. Christopher Walsh, Pastor

It’s so nice having a comprehensive view of who’s involved, how they’re involved, and identifying opportunities to intentionally continue their path towards discipleship.

Jennifer LaMontagne
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Do Even More with Tailored Catholic Church Software

Email Deliverability - Illustration
Email Deliverability

Send your communications with confidence. Our email tools have an above-industry delivery rate of 99.9%, which guarantees that your messages are being delivered.

Target Audiences - Illustration
Target Audiences

Increase open rates and segment notifications and emails to specific demographics and lists.

Communication Preferences - Illustration
Communication Preferences

Give your parishioners control over the types of messages they receive with their own personal communication settings.


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No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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 FAQs on Parish Communication Solutions

What’s the difference between texts, app notifications, and rich push notifications?

Texts are delivered to your messaging app on your mobile device. Text messages do not require an app to be installed, however, there are limitations on the number of characters and reporting. Rich push notifications are dynamic messages, which are delivered to your parish app and offer a much more engaging experience. Rich push notifications allow you to include images, links, surveys, polls, and more.  Additionally, messages sent through the app will offer you insights and reporting on how your communications are being received by your community.

My parish wants to send letters. Is that possible with ParishStaq?

Yes, ParishStaq is designed to facilitate communications of all kinds. Labels can easily be created using our Mail Merge capabilities. On the Donor Management side, end-of-year Giving Statements can be sent by mail for those donors who prefer a paper copy.

Does ParishStaq support messaging between groups or leaders?

Yes, our platform will allow for messaging within small groups as well as leaders in your parish. These communications can occur within the LEAD App for leaders, and online, or in the app for groups.