Reporting & Insight Software for Parishes

Use data to drive your parish forward

Get clarity on the health of your church with in-depth parish reporting tools, dashboards, and insights to help you lead confidently.

“When someone asks me for a list of everyone who has ever led, it takes me all of three minutes to pull those names, that kind of top down 10,000 foot view of how people have been involved has been really helpful for us to target our requests for volunteers, invitations to events where we want to celebrate people who helped us lead a particular course, or if we’re running a sequel course.”

Leo Rubinkowski, Faith Hub Chicago

Dive into dashboards

Quickly scan your data and get ahead of trends with dashboards.
  • “Cheerful Giver” reports
    Do a deep dive into your parish’s giving behaviors with dashboards and track top giving sources, days and times people like to give, top funds for giving, and more
  • Parish metrics
    Stay in tune with your parish’s health, with custom metrics to show trends and growth in giving, faith formation attendance, and serving
  • App analytics
    Find out what content is resonating most with your app users with metrics that track notifications, downloads, usage, and overall engagement score

Take action with rich insights

Use data as a roadmap to drive your parish forward.
  • Donor Development
    Instantly be informed about donor behaviors, stages, and giving trends, while receiving suggested actions to nurture donors to their next steps of generosity
  • People Search
    With 117 fields at your fingertips, surface precise people lists to send emails en masse, add to a group or workflow, and mass change data, all powered by your church management software
  • Reports
    Customize filters and columns to view the exact data you need, while going deeper by exporting data to a PDF, Excel, CSV, or even a Google Map

Equip your teams

Empower clergy and volunteers to lead effectively with insights about who makes up your parish and how they can minister to them.
  • Share
    Whether it’s a diocesan report, parish census, or communication to registered parishioners, you can share specific insights to those who you select in your ChMS
  • Leader reports
    Based on their ministry role, your leaders have access to specific system reports to help them manage their areas of ministry and service
  • Schedule email reports
    Eliminate repetitive tasks by scheduling reports to be emailed out weekly, monthly, and quarterly on your behalf

Parishes Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Reporting & Insight Tools for Parishes

Google Map - Illustration
Google Map

Find the perfect location for your next retreat or parish picnic by taking report results and plotting addresses across a Google map.

Attendance Summaries - Illustration
Attendance Summaries

Stay connected to your small groups by receiving emailed group attendance summaries to let you know who attended and changes to group membership.

Dynamic Filters and Columns - Illustration
Dynamic Filters and Columns

See exactly what you need by reducing the data noise with filters and columns you can hide or turn on within system reports.

Mass Data Changes  - Illustration
Mass Data Changes

Save your admins time with mass data changes to profile fields like campus assignment, baptism dates, membership types, contact information, privacy settings, and even custom fields.

Attendance Reports - Illustration
Attendance Reports

In-depth attendance reports will help you drill down to class and event totals so you can keep an eye on the growth of your ministries.

Facility Set Up - Illustration
Facility Set Up

Equip your Facilities team with set-up and resource reports so they can get all the details just right for every event in your building.

People Engagement - Illustration
People Engagement

Get a quick glance at individual and household engagement, with a twelve month dashboard view of groups, serving, giving, and attendance stats displayed on each profile.

True Engagement Reporting - Illustration
True Engagement Reporting

Our advanced searches help you search on multiple data sets to discover exactly who’s engaging and who isn’t, giving you the opportunity to re-engage inactive families or invite your fully committed families to a vision planning night.


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 FAQs on Parish Reporting

Is it difficult to create a report?

No, we’ve taken all of the hard work out of creating reporting with a simple query builder. For parishes with a more advanced technical team, we offer an advanced search tool allowing for more complex lists.

Where can I use the information from a report?

Reports can be viewed onscreen or downloaded as a CSV file for use within other software.

Does the reporting and insights include data from multiple parish sites?

Yes, ParishStaq was built to support parishes and dioceses of all sizes, including larger consolidated parishes with multiple sites.

How does reporting help me understand the health of my parish?

Quantifying a person’s discipleship journey can be difficult, but data can help. By providing parish leaders with a view of the attendance, generosity (including online giving), and participation, parishes can begin to understand and disciple their community.