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With several communication channels, automated alerts, and scheduled notifications, your message will always be received.



Unify Your Church

Get Direct With
Mobile Notifications
Automate Routine

"We wanted to make it easy for attendees to get the information they needed. The push notifications allowed us to communicate with people even if they were not in the building."

Cristian Garcia
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Unify your church communications

With our ChMS, you, your leaders, and congregation have multiple channels to stay in the know and communicate with each other.
  • Text Messages
    Text messages are only one way communication from ChMS to the end user. T2 Support specialist shared following example with me - these messages are Best for notices, like “because of the snow we are canceling group tonight” or something that will not need two way communications.
  • Mail Merge
    Templated messages that allow you to personalize and segment for bulk email, letters, and labels (carrier pigeon not included)
  • Church Text Notifications
    With no fees or limits, send out group SMS notifications to notify members of event details or group announcements directly to their phone

Get direct with mobile notifications

Be confident that your church is seeing your messages right to their phone.
  • Rich Push Notifications
    Create and schedule eye catching notifications that include images, links, and in-app content to drive app users to deeper engagement
  • Open Response
    Learn more about your audience with quick response notifications to provide feedback, ask questions, or submit prayer requests
  • Polls
    Create Interactive notifications with quick polls to get to know your church's behavior and sentiments

Automate routine reminders

Our automated alerts, emails, and reminders will make sure nothing falls through the cracks for you, your teams, and donors.
  • Donor Messages
    Our Giving will level up your donor follow up with automated thank you emails, account and payment updates, and invites to set up a recurring gift
  • Volunteer Reminders
    Volunteers will never miss another request or scheduled service with automated text and email reminders
  • Leader Alerts
    Whether it’s a facility request, form response, a failed transaction, or follow up step, your team will be alerted and reminded when their action is needed

Churches Love Pushpay

Do Even More

Email Deliverability - Illustration
Email Deliverability

Our above industry 99.9% email deliverability will give you peace of mind that your mobile text alerts are being delivered.

Target Audiences - Illustration
Target Audiences

Increase open rates and action with the ability to segment SMS messages and emails to specific demographics and lists.

Communication Preferences - Illustration
Communication Preferences

Give your people control over the types of messages they receive with their own personal communication settings.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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Is there a per message fee when communicating with my church?

No, we want to provide you with powerful tools that allow you to communicate freely with your community. We offer bulk text messaging, so you can increase your reach and engage more church members with the latest news.

What’s the difference between texts, app notifications, and rich push notifications?

Mobile text alerts are delivered to your messaging app on your mobile device.  Text messages do not require an app to be installed however have limitations on the number of characters and reporting.  Rich push notifications are dynamic messages which are delivered to your church app and offer a much more engaging experience.  Rich push notifications allow you to include images, links, surveys, polls, and more.  Additionally, messages sent through the app will offer you insights and reporting on how your communications are being received by your community.

My church wants to send letters - is that possible with ChurchStaq?

Yes, ChurchStaq is designed to facilitate communications of all kinds.  Labels can easily be created using our mail merge capabilities.  On the donor management side, end of year giving statements can be sent by mail for those donors who prefer a paper copy.

Does ChurchStaq support messaging between groups or leaders?

Yes, our texting service will allow for mass text messaging within small groups as well as leaders in your church.  These communications can occur within the LEAD app for leaders, and online or in the app for groups.