Church Media Software

Curate your church media and content into one place.

Put your creativity on display with church multimedia software that lets you explore, engage, and share your content.

Centralize your church media

Your community will never miss a beat with all of your media in one place.
  • Media Feed
    Automatically update your app from your streaming providers so it’s always up to date with the latest content
  • Live Streaming
    Integrate your existing livestreaming service to make it easy for your congregation to stream your message anywhere
  • Dynamic Home Screen
    Get their attention with a custom digital billboard to promote your most recent messages and streams on your app’s home page

Share your message

Cascade your impact and story to inspire, connect, and create change in your community and beyond.
  • Sermon and Audio Player
    Native, in-app controls provide playback, audio scrubbing, Airplay & Chromecast support, and the ability to download content directly to their device
  • Sermon Notes
    Create digital sermon notes with interactive fill-in-the-blanks to engage your congregation during in your services or playbacks
  • Share
    Help them share your messages, sermons, and notes with their friends and followers through social media, email, and text messaging

Personalize your content

You put a lot of work into your brand and mission as a church. Digital church media software gives you the tools to share more of who you are, anywhere.
  • Website Integration
    Save time and money by connecting your giving page, group lists, digital forms, and calendars to your website with links, dedicated pages, and embedded content
  • Robust API
    Give it your look and feel with our API that helps you personalize your worship media on your website and apps while pushing the boundaries of what's possible

Churches Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Church Media Software

Push Notifications - Illustration
Push Notifications

Send important messages directly to mobile devices with eye catching images, polls, surveys, and important links.

No Developer Required - Illustration
No Developer Required

Our Mobile App Studio makes it easy for your church to update and change content as often as you want, with live support accessible as-needed.

Native Media Player - Illustration
Native Media Player

Our native media player allows users to watch with livestreams, videos, and playlists hosted in Resi, Vimeo, and Youtube while interacting with the other elements.

In App Giving - Illustration
In App Giving

Your community can easily access their contributions, review past contributions, and support new causes, all while engaging with your app content.

Impact Cards - Illustration
Impact Cards

Get your church involved with promoting campaigns like pledge, volunteer, or special food or school drives to encourage involvement and share progress towards your goals.

Sermon Notes - Illustration
Sermon Notes

Create and share fill-in-the-blanks directly in your app to allow congregants to follow along and take notes during your services.

Multilingual Support - Illustration
Multilingual Support

Create better accessibility to your content with multilingual app support, where all content in the app can be dynamically changed based on the language the user selects.


Products You Already Use Connect to Pushpay

No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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 FAQs for Church Media Solutions

Is media sharing different between the My Church App and Custom Church apps?

The My Church App has many of the same visual media experiences that exist in Custom Church Apps—such as video and podcast players, communication tools, and livestreams. The difference is a Custom Church app allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your color palette, branded worship backgrounds, and a unique app searchable in the app store.


Can you see the content your congregation engages with?

Yes! Our church software tools provide insights on your app users and the content they view within the app.

Can I include a livestream within my app?

Yes, you can easily add your livestream to your app making it easy for your community to participate in your service virtually. You can also incorporate church motion graphics in the background of church leaders, much like in a Zoom meeting.

Is it difficult to manage the content on the app?

No.  We’ve created Mobile Application Studio to make it easy for you to manage content, users and more.  With the simplicity of drag and drop, your team can update church event pages, add new content and create compelling communication to your community.


What platforms is the app available on?

The app is available on iOS and Android.