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Donor Development Software for Churches

Discover a donor software for churches that does more than basic tracking and management. With Pushpay’s Donor Development solution, you can:

Set donor stages for better analysis, then access pre-filtered lists of people who have similar giving patterns, or create custom lists of donors filtered to meet your specific needs.

Generate robust reports that provide insight into your top donors and break down individual and household giving histories, and receive recommended actions to further nurture donors.

Give one-time and recurring donors the option to give through your church app, website, text message, or digital kiosk.

Record High Giving and So Much More.

"What began as a way to integrate online giving and share some basic information with our community turned into vastly more than we ever imagined...When most churches experienced severely decreased giving during the pandemic, our church experienced a record year! We’ve been able to take that extra giving and put it straight back into our community!”

Sarah Jones, First Baptist Church Reeltown
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"Another giving platform comes to me about once a month to get C3 NYC to switch to them. The sole reason I stay with you [Pushpay] is your Donor Development tool. Your Financial Overview reports have made our Monday reporting a breeze. We have access to all the data we need to make informed financial decisions and support our donors in generosity."

Mike Lark, C3
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“Even during lockdowns around the world, AIMS partners continue to give easily through Pushpay so the ministry work continues. Our indigenous missionaries continue to share the gospel with those who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus, baptize people, and plant churches. Pushpay makes it easy to receive donations and analyze giving.”

Jan Brown, AIMS
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Unlock the insights you need to grow charitable donations

Donor management software that provides actionable insights for growth and development.

  • Understand giving trends at your church
    Know how and when donors prefer to give, then track donations across funds and campuses while comparing giving to previous time frames to identify trends
  • Share reports with top leaders
    Create automated snapshots of weekly giving with pastors and other leaders who share responsibility for growing generosity

Nurture people and drive meaningful experiences

Church donation tracking that engages your supporters before, during, and after their donation.

  • Understand your community
    Identify and engage top donors, as well as your new, repeat, recurring, at-risk and lapsed givers
  • Tailor your messages of gratitude
    Celebrate all levels of generosity with customizable thank you messages and giving receipts
  • Grow today’s new donors into next year’s top donors
    Create workflows to help givers at every stage to take the next step in their generosity journey

Facilitate and elevate the generosity of your community

Pushpay’s proprietary Everygift™ system of behind-the-scenes features supports churches and donors alike.

  • Patented payment protection
    Never worry about payment gateways going down; Assured® Payments detects issues and queues all your pending gifts
  • Secure and recover at-risk gifts
    Automatically notify donors whose cards are about to expire, and prompt those whose recurring payments have failed to catch up on their giving
  • Encourage digital generosity
    Simplify the process of moving cash and check donors to online, and suggest regular givers shift to recurring giving—two processes proven to increase overall donations
  • Increase flexibility for your donors
    Givers can choose to set up a recurring gift alongside their pledge and even cover processing fees on behalf of your church

Churches Love Pushpay

Do Even More with Donor Software for Churches

Donor Summary - Illustration
Donor Summary

Get instant access to your first-time, second-time, and recurring donors

Giving Trends - Illustration
Giving Trends

Unlock giving and fundraising trends in your church with a week-over-week view of generosity in your church

Top Donors - Illustration
Top Donors

Get visibility into your most generous donors with a detailed view of their activity

Donor Snapshots - Illustration
Donor Snapshots

View at-risk and lapsed donors, then create opportunities to connect and encourage them along their journey

Donor Stages - Illustration
Donor Stages

Quickly see where all of your donors are on their giving journey

Giving Channels - Illustration
Giving Channels

Understand the way your donors are giving to your ministry and encourage them toward digital giving


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No need to start from scratch. With 44 partners and more than 80 software integrations available, you can link all of your software tools and databases into one harmonious system.


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 FAQs on Donor Development

What is Donor Development, and how is it different from other donor management solutions?

Most church donor solutions stop at a basic giving experience and simple tools to manage donations. Donor Development from Pushpay was built to give you insights into the different stages your donors are in and how to leverage those insights for continued growth. By understanding where your people are in their giving journey, you will be equipped to thank, encourage, and disciple your donors.

Will Pushpay’s Donor Management software work with my other church technology?

Yes, Pushpay’s Donor Development integrates with the most available church technology providers. You can also take advantage of these features through our all-in-one church platform, ChurchStaq.

Am I required to use the church app from Pushpay?

Our custom app and giving platform were built to work seamlessly with each other.  For the best result possible, we recommend using both the app and giving.  If you’re not ready to take advantage of the app, our platform will work with any website and most other church apps available today.

Does Pushpay’s giving software support both cash and non-cash donations?

Yes, Pushpay supports various methods of donation including cash, check, and non-cash like stock and cryptocurrency, in addition to online giving on cards and ACH.

What is donor development and how is it different from other solutions?

Most solutions from competitors stop at a basic giving experience and simple tools to manage generosity.  Donor Development from Pushpay was built to give you insights into the different stages your donors are in.  By understanding where they are in their giving journey, you will be equipped to thank, encourage, and disciple your donors. 

I’m a smaller church—is Pushpay’s Donor Development software too advanced for my ministry?

No! Pushpay was built to help churches of all sizes grow giving and engagement.  We offer competitively priced software which will help your ministry grow.