7 Simple Ways to Honor Mothers at Your Church on Mother's Day

7 Simple Ways to Honor Mothers at Your Church on Mother's Day

For most churches, Mother’s Day is one of the year’s most well-attended services. It’s an important day for kids to spend time with and celebrate their mothers, but it can be difficult for churches to think of different ways to honor them.

Here are seven simple suggestions for honoring your mothers on Mother’s Day.

1. Say “Thank you”

I told you these would be simple suggestions!

Some Mother’s Days fall on mornings where a lot of time can’t be given to the holiday. The truth is that we sometimes forget how powerful a simple “Thank you” can be. This can be a simple moment in the service when the pastor stands up and thanks mothers, or a couple people can be selected to read prepared statements of appreciation.

2. Read encouraging parenting verses

Having a couple people—especially children—come forward and read encouraging Bible verses about parenting can be really powerful.

Some especially mother-friendly verses to read include:

  • Proverbs 22:6
    “Train up a child in the way he should go;
    Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
  • Psalms 127:3
    “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
    The fruit of the womb a reward.”

(For more suggestions, check out this collection of parenting passages from Disciplr.)

3. Special music

Having someone sing a special song dedicated to mothers is a great way to honor them. If you really want to tug at the heart strings, get the church’s children involved!

Some suggestions for appropriate songs include:

  • One Heartbeat at a Time, by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Everything to Me, by Mark Schultz
  • Midnight Oil, by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

4. Put on a special meal

Why not plan an after-church picnic, potluck, or barbecue? If you can convince the men in the church to plan it, provide the food, and take care of the clean up, it can be a wonderful way to thank moms for all they do.

Pro Tip: This only works if the mothers are NOT responsible for pulling this off!

5. Bring a special gift for moms

Depending on your church size and budget, bring a rose or some chocolate to mothers. Having children or significant others dispense the gifts can be a nice touch.

6. Have mothers share their stories

Giving mothers an opportunity to share their stories about motherhood can be incredibly powerful and encouraging. Inviting mothers who have walked through difficult times in their roles to share what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown can empower the mothers who are present.

7. Close with a motherhood-affirming prayer

Have someone plan on a closing prayer thanking God for the gift of motherhood, and ask him to bless the church’s mothers throughout the year.

Be Mindful of the Landmines

Mother’s Day can be hard for churches. A lot of people are expecting you to do something explicit to honor mothers, but there are a lot of potential pitfalls as well.

Here are a couple things to be mindful of:

  • Motherhood isn’t a one-size-fits-all role. Be careful not to talk about motherhood as if every mother stays at home cooking and cleaning all day. More and more mothers are breadwinners and are fulfilling familial roles that are different than the traditional ones we may be accustomed to.
  • Not all mothers are saints. People in your church may have experiences with moms who were absent or abusive. It’s always helpful to recognize that, because of the fall, God’s intention for mothers isn’t always expressed in the way it should be.
  • Remember the struggling. For those who have lost children or who desperately want children but are unable to conceive, Mother’s Day can be particularly painful. Find ways to honor them as well.

Have a Plan for Visitors

Are you prepared to hold onto your visitors and get them involved in the life of your church? What’s your plan look like?

Jayson D. Bradley

Jayson D. Bradley is a writer and pastor in Bellingham, WA. He’s a regular contributor to Relevant Magazine, and his blog JaysonDBradley.com has been voted one of the 25 Christian blogs you should be reading.