5 Simple Tips to Engage Your Community This Holiday Season

The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to get your congregation more involved in the life of the church. We’ve put together these five tips to get your church members participating this Christmas season.

These ideas will not only provide an outlet for creative volunteers, but they can also be shared on social media and through your native church app—engaging other members of your church community and encouraging them to participate, too.

1. Create unique videos

Creating some short videos for your Christmas sermon series can be an ingenious way to get more people involved. It’s an opportunity for you to discover writers, on-screen talent, and videographers in your congregation.

But maybe your series doesn’t lend itself to video. That’s okay. Your church could always come up with some fun or meaningful skits about the Nativity, or they could interview people about Christmas and consumerism.

Whatever you decide to do, videos like these can get a lot of individuals working together on a common goal.

2. Commission people to write Christmas devotions

Christmas is a time when people promise themselves that they’re going to slow down and take in the season. Regular devotions throughout Advent can help them accomplish that.

You probably have some strong writers in the church who would jump at a chance to write a devotional or two this Christmas. By encouraging them to do so, you’re allowing them to be creative while getting them more involved. And other members of your congregation will appreciate and look forward to reading the devotions themselves, bringing everyone closer together.

3. Put together some Nativity-themed Christmas trivia

During the Advent season, why not feature some trivia about the birth of Jesus in your church app, on social media, during the services, or even in a dedicated trivia night?

Not only can you increase engagement with people who want to take part, but you can also tap individuals in the church who would enjoy putting something like that together.

4. Publish blog posts about beloved Christmas songs and carols

If you ask people what their favorite Christmas carol or song is, you’re going to get tons of answers. There are so many, and they play an important part in everyone’s holiday festivities.

But a lot of people don’t know about their origins. Why were they written? When were they written? How did they become so familiar?

This can be another series of posts (or even videos, if you’d prefer) people in the congregation can research and write. These posts can be a gateway to writing regular content for your blog.

5. Make Christmas memory videos

A lot of people in your congregation have powerful testimonies that revolve around Christmas time. There are also plenty of inspiring, challenging, and even heartbreaking stories that your church would benefit from hearing.

You can request these accounts by sending out the word on social media or in the bulletin. You can also put volunteers in charge of talking to people to see what kind of stories they can uncover.

Once the most impactful stories are identified, you can turn them into one five-minute video or create a series of videos that can be used powerfully throughout the Christmas season. These stories could also make great blog posts.

Take Advantage of the Christmas Season

Most people in your church are excited about the Christmas season, and they’re looking for ways to give it more meaning. Encouraging them to get involved in projects like these can have a big impact and help them engage with your church all year long.

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