Impact Your Community Through Viral Video Engagement

Hot take: If your ministry is not putting out fresh video content weekly, you’re missing an opportunity.

Let’s think through a few recent stats regarding video:

  • Social media posts with videos in them boost views by 48% (HubSpot)
  • Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. (Insivia)
  • By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. (Cisco)

The statistics go on and on, but let’s stop there and agree on this: video is an important way to reach people in 2020

So whether you’re trying to fill the seats for Easter or an upcoming spring conference, boost attendance to your summer retreats, or wrap up year-end giving strong, video is likely the most powerful tool you can lean on.

Now before you start thinking “Video gear is too expensive”, or “I don’t have time to create videos”, or other common hold-ups, check out these three easy ways to start using video in your church today:

1. Sermon Jam

Repurpose some of the sermon audio from Sunday and make something we like to call a “Sermon Jam”.  

2. Sermon Bumper Video

Get your congregation excited at the beginning of each sermon with a sermon series video.

3. Impact Story

Start telling “impact stories” through artistic video during your offering moments, sermons, or times of generosity.

Now that you’ve had a chance to view a few great examples, let’s take a deeper look at what made them effective, and how your church could realistically create videos with the same level of impact.

As churches, we have to remember that video works best when it can allow the viewer to subconsciously relate to the protagonist they see. 

Built into each of us is this subconscious voice that’s asking “Are they like me?” or “Do I find myself relating to their circumstances, emotions, etc?” As humans, we gravitate towards empathy and authority. 

As a church, you can meet them where they are and also offer them hope in their current situation through video, and this idea doesn’t have to stop at just sharing the Gospel.

There is such a need for story-based footage that represents real people and real emotions. However, this requirement usually provokes the following statements from leaders:

1. “I don’t have a full-time videographer”

You don’t need a full-time videographer on staff in order to do video well and create traction in your community and city. With simple applications such as iMovie and Adobe Premiere Rush, someone with very limited knowledge can put together engaging video content with story-based stock footage, like what Filmpac provides.

2. “We don’t film our pastor’s sermons”

You don’t need to.  Remember the SermonJam example? That viral video was created from just sermon audio and stock footage.

3. “We don’t have a budget for videos”

It’s true that you may not have a budget for a full-time videographer, but don’t let that be a barrier to maximizing your ability to engage your congregation with video. Story-based stock footage sites like offer unlimited download memberships and a library that can show you all the footage containing a single model so you can begin to craft a story. 

With special pricing for churches, you can start creating videos today without expensive gear and extra support costs.

Just remember, not all video is created equal and not all videos will reach your community and elicit the engagement you desire. 

For those reasons, whether you’re new to video or a seasoned veteran, we’ve put together our tried and true techniques for you to pull from. There’s valuable info in there for both senior leaders and communications teams. 

Be sure to grab your copy of VIRAL: The Comprehensive Checklist To Viral Church Videos below:
viral video engagement checklist

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