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At Summit, you won’t find the biggest name speakers or pastors with the most Facebook likes. You won’t see an amazing light show or worship experience designed to “recharge” or “refuel” you. Instead, you’ll hear from speakers you’ve likely never heard of. From people you probably won’t recognize, who probably have fewer Instagram followers than you. Why? Because they’re the executive pastors and behind-the-scenes business leader who are actually doing the work, every day of the week. They’re not looking to get you to grow their Twitter following or promote their next campus launch. They’re looking to teach you the most important ministry lessons they’ve learned (that you can start using this Sunday).


Discover top-notch ministry tactics from the people who work behind the scenes every week.


Network with other people who do the same job as you in ministries of the same size.


Bring back tactics you can apply this Sunday. And get your whole team on board.




Sure, you might walk away from Summit excited about what you learned. But more importantly, you’ll walk away with a macbook full of ideas for your church you can start using this Sunday. Don’t settle for being inspired: get equipped.


Learn useable ministry lessons from a diverse set of leaders, men and women who have excelled in ministry and business (and can teach you how to do the same).


Dig into the hardest parts of your job with people who have been there (and have something to teach you about it). Get your toughest questions answered with live Q&A.


Network with peers who have similar job roles at churches of a similar size. Compare notes and exchange contact info as you trade best practices and practical advice.


Start 2019 the right way: by aligning your entire team around the right goals (and the right tactics to accomplish them). With content focused around leadership, operations, communications, technology, and finance, there’s something for everyone on your staff.

Here to Equip, Not Inspire

That’s why we started Pushpay Summit: for ministry problems that inspiration can’t solve

The Sunday after a church conference: we’ve all been there. You’re stoked. Recharged. Refueled. And then Sunday happens, and you’re back in the thick of things. Volunteers still need to be taught, led, and in the worst instances, fired. Your comms director is still bickering with your lead pastor over the website copy. You still have no idea whether or not your social advertising is working (though you’re certainly still paying for it). There’s 10 fires to put out, hundreds of things that could be better, and thousands and thousands of people who still need to be reached.

And being more excited about it isn’t going to fix anything.

That’s why we started Pushpay Summit: for ministry problems that inspiration can’t solve. Because most church conferences feel more like summer camp for adults—and two weeks after that camp-high is gone, will change last?

That’s not a knock on summer camp (or other church conferences). It’s noting the hard reality that if you’re looking for actual help on how to run your ministry, there aren’t a whole lot of people who you can call for help. And a pretty light show and sweeping speech with a synth pad in the background isn’t going to solve your email marketing problem or make your church board any more functional.

Fortunately, there’s a better way: learning ministry insights from people who faced those problems before you, and overcame them. And meeting other pastors and church staff who are in the exact same situation as you. It’s called Pushpay Summit— a 2-day intensive look at the most pressing issues facing ministries in the 21st century.

So if you’re looking for a conference to teach you how to preach better, run children’s ministry, or just looking for a low pressure environment to hang out with other pastors, Puhspay Summit probably isn’t the best fit for you.

But if you’re ready to listen to applicable keynotes, and you’re ready to have hard conversations, we have a seat ready for you.

See you in Dallas.



Register for Pushpay Summit to save your seat today


Learn from ministry and business leaders who are on the frontline


Take what you learned back to your church and start applying it the following Sunday



  • Access to 4 keynotes from unexpected church and business leaders (men and women on the frontlines of their ministries and industries)
  • Tactical breakout sessions and live Q&A. A panel of forward-thinking ministry leaders and business experts will talk about navigating the hardest parts of your job
  • Networking with people designed specifically by job role and interest: Leadership, Operations, Communications, Technology, and Finance
  • Meals provided during conference hours (to maximize your opportunity for networking)
  • Content for your entire church staff (that will unite you around your 2019 goals)
  • Video recordings of keynotes to maximize your learnings
  • Discounted registration for the rest of your team (email us for more info)



Founder and President, The Table Group

He is also the author of eleven best-selling books with over five million copies sold.


Former CEO, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

Cheryl is also the author of Dare to Serve: How to drive superior results by serving others


Founding Pastor of Connexus Church

He’s also the author of several best­selling books, including his newest book, Didn’t See It Coming.


Dallas Campus

Gateway Church is a non-denominational, charismatic Christian multi-site megachurch based in Texas.


More speakers coming soon

Stay tuned!

Breakout Sessions


Remain Relevant—How Churches Can Better Use Technology To Help Their Ministries Thrive

Technology impacts every area of your ministry and not only drives growth, but can be used to encourage giving and engagement as well. Discover why growing churches make technology a priority (and how your church can benefit from getting the right people involved at the right time).

A Flourishing Staff Equals A Flourishing Community—Here’s How To Build A Thriving Staff Culture At Your Church

Most churches know that a healthy church culture starts at the top, but few ministries model that well. Join experts from Vanderbloemen Search Group as they discuss the keys to developing a sustainable and healthy church culture, from hiring to firing and everything in between.

Not All Press Is Good Press: What to Do If Your Church is in the News But For All the Wrong Reasons

No church ever wants to appear on TV for something negative—but countless churches have been there. Does your church have a plan in place to respond to unfortunate incidents that may place it under public scrutiny? Join PR experts from churches that have been through the worst situations imaginable as they discuss what to do when everything goes sideways. Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered, these sessions will not be recorded.

Millennial Leaders Are Beginning To Inherit Modern Ministries: Here's How Your Church Can Set Them Up for Success

There's a tsunami coming: A wave of “boomers” are set to retire in the next 10 years and that will affect the demographic make up of your church. More importantly: It will drastically change church leadership as millennials replace these retirees. Join experts as they talk about the coming transition of church leadership and how to make sure your ministry isn’t left behind when it happens.


7 Ways Your Church Is Probably Getting Facebook Wrong (And How To Get It Right Without Spending a Cent)

You’d be hard pressed to find a hotter topic than social media and the church. But you’d also be hard pressed to find someone more capable of speaking to that exact subject than Nona Jones from Facebook, who works with churches to help them maximize their social media presence to achieve their goals. Discover how your church can make better use of this powerful social tool to reach, engage with, and serve more people in your community.

No Empty Seats: A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Packing Out Church Events

Church events are historically difficult to plan for and especially hard to pack out. Discover the simple strategies churches can use to fill events of every size, from 20-seat women's breakfasts to 200-person Easter celebrations. Fill. Every. Seat.

Is Live Stream Attendance the Same as Church In Person? (And 5 Other Important Questions About Church Online)

Is someone showing up for a live stream the same as someone showing up in person? Will live streaming become the new standard for church attendance? Is your church ready to consider an online option? Join Jay Kranda and other experts as they discuss the challenges and opportunities of church online.

The Secret to Finding More and Better Volunteers? Bolstering Recruitment Efforts Using Great Technology

There’s plenty written about how to use technology to grow first-time visitors and first-time givers. But often, the real power of tech is in its ability to grow one of your church’s most vital resources: Volunteers.


3 Strategies Every Church Can Use To Protect Members Against Serious Data Breaches (And Maintain Their Community's Trust)

Ministries are founded on trust, which means a single data security threat can quickly damage a community's confidence in a church. Join Northpoint Church and Pushpay as they talk about what you should look for in church data security and how to protect your community from data breaches.

Make Data Work For You: How Growing Churches Are Using Data To Drive Stronger Decision Making Within their Ministries

Great data is critical for decision making—but rarely ever gets considered when important decisions are on the table. Discover how other forward-thinking churches are using data to better inform their choices and help their ministries flourish.

5 Pro-Tips For Using Your Church App To Drive Member Engagement and Participation

People are using highly personalizable apps like Instagram and Amazon everyday but are they using your church app? If not, there are a few, simple things you can do to change that. Discover how in-app personalization and other key features can drive engagement every day of the week.


Increase Recurring Giving with Simple Donor Development Strategies (That Actually Work)

Discover how Alex Calder used these simple donor development strategies to grow Kensington Church’s recurring and new giving beyond what anyone thought was possible.

3 Strategies Any Church Can Use To Stabilize Its Budget And Start New Ministries

Gone are the days of the summer slump and making up your church budget at 11 PM on new year's eve each year. Learn the strategies growing churches are using to establish more predictable budgets (without the crazy ups and downs of seasonal giving).

more sessions coming soon


Wednesday, May 22

7:00 AM

Check-in opens

9:30 AM

Opening keynote with Patrick Lencioni

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Breakout Sessions: Leadership, Communications, Technology

12:00 PM


1:30-2:45 PM

Afternoon keynote with Cheryl Bachelder

2:45 PM


3:00 PM

Breakout Sessions: Leadership, Communications, Technology

4:30-6:00 PM

Welcome Reception (beverages and light hors d’oeuvres available)

Thursday, May 23

8:00 AM

Breakfast available

9:30 AM

Morning Keynote with Carey Nieuwhof

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Breakout Sessions: Leadership, Communications, Technology

12:00 PM


1:30 PM

Breakout Sessions: Leadership, Communications, Technology

3:00 PM

Closing keynote with surprise speaker

4:00 PM

Conference ends



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12123 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, TX 75230

Gateway Church – Dallas


Who should attend Summit?

Anyone on staff at a church!

  • Senior Pastor
  • XP
  • Communications Teams
  • Tech Teams
  • Admin and Finance Teams
  • Operations Teams
  • Media Teams
  • Church Leaders

Where is the conference?

Gateway Church Dallas campus: 12123 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, TX 75230

When is the conference?

May 22-23, 2019

How do I register?

You can register here, but if you have issues, email

If I have questions, who can I contact?

What do I need at event check-in?

Just your first and last name.

May I attend only part of the conference?

Yes, but you must still purchase a ticket at the full conference price.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

We totally understand, but refunds are not available. You are, however, able to transfer your ticket to a friend. Please contact us at with the current ticket holder’s first and last name, email address, and the new ticket holder’s

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone
  • Church name
  • Position/Title

Can I purchase recordings of sessions?

Session recordings will be made available to attendees after conference. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information!

Can I pay cash for the conference?

We accept credit or debit upon registration.

Are there First Aid facilities?

Come see our friendly staff at the Information booth if you find yourself in need of First Aid.

Where is Lost and Found?

Come see our friendly staff at the Information booth for any Lost and Found items.

What airport should I fly into for the conference?

Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport [DFW] is about 20 miles away!

Do you have a translator?

We do not have translation assistance at this time.

Where can I buy speaker books?

Check out the speaker section in the Summit app to order their books!

Will there be worship or prayer time at the conference?

There are many great church conferences that offer corporate worship, prayer, and spiritual renewal. However, Summit Conferences focus on bringing business insights and strategies to ministries, so the attendees will not be lead in worship or corporate prayer time.

Is Pushpay a Christian organization?

Pushpay is a technology company and is not affiliated with any denomination, church body, or statement of faith. The majority of our customers are faith-based organizations, and we exist to help our customers personalize their communication and drive participation in their communities.

Summit Event Partners


Pushpay exists to bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging.

As the leading provider of mobile app experiences and giving technology to churches, schools, and nonprofits, Pushpay helps organizations and their communities stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Engagement is the key to community. In today’s world, “online” or “digital” is no longer cutting edge. Phones have evolved into smartphones, and these personal devices are linking people everywhere to the outside world on their own terms. Now you can harness this cultural shift to connect people with your organization, driving engagement and participation.