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The Nurtured Church is a podcast dedicated to helping today’s church leaders and ministries grow their communities.


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If the Leaders Build a World-Class Church, the Congregation Will Come

w/ Tyler Reagin

What does a church leader do when they get punched in the mouth? You can ask Tyler Reagin. Reagin is the president of Catalyst, a development organization focused on raising the next generation of church leaders. Reagin joined us on The Nurtured Church podcast recently, and shared his thoughts on church leadership, current and future.



Growing and Scaling Church Communities Pt. 2

w/ Chris Ames & Ryan Van Sickle

On this episode of The Nurtured Church, we pick up where we left off with our guests Ryan Van Sickle and Chris Ames from North Point Ministries. Ryan and Chris share their expertise and lessons learned along the way on building connected communities. See what you can take away to use in your congregation and beyond.



Growing and Scaling Church Communities Pt. 1

w/ Chris Ames & Ryan Van Sickle

Chris Ames and Ryan Van Sickle from North Point Ministries join us to give an inside look at how North Point has made a digital transformation and the impact it has on building a connected and engaged community. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.



Using Data To Fuel Engagement and Ministry

w/ Chris Kehayias

In this episode, Chris shares how a management platform can support your member journey, how to find the balance between engagement and pushiness, and why it’s not actually about the data. Listen in to discover why digging into member engagement data is a necessary part of reaching people with the good news in this digital age.



Maintaining Organizational Health in Your Church

w/ Shawn Lovejoy

No matter how big your church is, if it isn’t healthy, you’re likely not going to be around for very long. You can host thousands of people every weekend, but if your staff is burned out, or you run your church like a dictatorship, your church likely won’t be doing all that it could be. Listen in as our guest digs deeper on this topic.



4 Ways Your Church Can Build a First-Class Online Community

w/ Nils Smith

When it comes to technology within our churches, the time isn’t yesterday. It’s now. And the online, mobile, and digital spaces aren’t where our “second-tier” efforts should be. A physical church and its digital touchpoints are one—one community, one team, one heart, and one soul. Discover how your church can build first-class online communities.



Church leaders and ministries want thriving organizations, but are often frustrated by the lack of participation. That’s why we’re highlighting ordinary churches doing extraordinary things to nurture engagement and growth in their community. At Pushpay, we work with more than 7,000 churches and a plethora of networks, partners, and leaders in the Church and technology space. It’s lessons and best practices from these relationships that we’re excited to bring you through this podcast.