Faith Formation + SacramentTracker™

Your Parish’s Journey With Faithful Hearts

Find, connect, and streamline sacramental preparation.
ParishStaq’s features fully supports sacramental preparation to ensure that no one slips through the cracks.
Discover and Connect
Walk Alongside Your Parishioners
Grow Their Faith

“We’re trying to establish a lifelong model of formation. Pushpay covered the pain points we had with other systems and allows us to walk with people…”

Steven Serafin, St. Bartholomew Catholic Church

Discover and Connect

Swiftly organize groups and classrooms and identify volunteers who meet your specific criteria to serve in your faith formation ministry.
  • Find People
    Advanced Search with sacramental attributes helps you find people who can take the next step. Save the search so you never lose sight of where they are in the process.
  • Create Groups and Classes
    Quickly set up volunteer groups to serve as catechists or classroom assistants. Facility Management allows you to set up classrooms and identify any specific requests to your facility team.
  • Child Safe Environment
    Pushpay’s deep integration with Virtus ensures all of your volunteers have completed their training and are ready to lead new catechists.

Walk Alongside Your Parishioners

Pushpay’s robust Process Queues and templates streamline the entire faith formation journey for catechists, helping them to efficiently track each student’s progress and identify who is responsible for the next step.
  • Streamline Operations
    Automate every sacramental prep with its own Process Queue. ChMS Form and Mail Merge templates take the guesswork out of creating new forms while maintaining consistency. Add payment options to your form for retreats and special events.
  • Clear Communication
    Send invitations to students and families in the custom App. Communicate directly with parents and students in Groups.
  • Manage on-the-go
    Only Pushpay’s LEAD app allows parish staff and volunteers to manage their classes and groups, communicate, and track progress from any device.
  • Sacrament Tracking
    Track all sacraments on a parishioner’s Profile. Conveniently find sacrament certificates on their Profile. Bulk upload sacrament information for large groups in less than 5 minutes. Ensure everyone is gathering all of the information your parish and diocese needs with Sacrament Settings.

Grow Their Faith

Empower parishioners to check-in for classes and complete the next sacrament on their journey.
  • Check-In
    Make reporting and tracking easy with class check-in right from the App.
  • Sacraments on Profile
    Parishioners can conveniently see and celebrate their Faith journey when new sacraments are added to their Profile.
  • Reporting
    Automate and share all sacrament milestones. Measure ongoing and final engagement data to see how SacramentTracker™ has helped your people grow in their Faith.

Parishes Love Pushpay

Do Even More With SacramentTracker™ and Faith Formation

Facilities Management - Illustration
Facilities Management

Leaders can reserve rooms and request resources, submit room layouts, and have their event visible on the parish calendar.

Liturgical Ministry Scheduling - Illustration
Liturgical Ministry Scheduling

Ensure that all of your Masses and activities are staffed and allow them to switch assignments with each other.

Attachments - Illustration

Attach files to schedules so catechists and aides have what they need.

Volunteer check-in - Illustration
Volunteer check-in

Confirm that your volunteers have arrived and have name tags ready for them.

Open positions - Illustration
Open positions

Fill any gaps in your schedule by opening up opportunities and alerting volunteers so others can step in.

Family calendar - Illustration
Family calendar

Empower parents with a family calendar where they can manage serving preferences and requests on behalf of their household.


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 FAQs on SacramentTracker™

What payment options are available through the Forms feature?

You will have three options to display:

  • Pay Later (does not require payment to submit the form)
  • Debit/Credit Card Only
  • Debit/Credit Card and Pay Later

Who has permissions to manage volunteer serving?

A basic end-user can manage their own schedule, and a primary contact or spouse can manage their family’s serving schedule as well as their own. A master administrator has access to every schedule, while a full write admin will only have access to basic end-users within their parish site.