4 Low-Cost Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Your Church

On Mother’s Day, many families make a special point of attending church together to honor the moms in their lives. Next to Easter and Christmas, it’s probably one of your biggest services of the year.

Some churches plan their entire service around this special day, including the sermon. Others keep Mother’s Day simple, and just take a moment to say thank you. Many churches also try to be sensitive to those who have had abusive moms, those who have struggled with infertility or miscarriage, and those who are single.

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Whatever you’re planning, it’s important to be thoughtful about how your church talks about and celebrates motherhood. If you need some ideas for ways your church can honor the moms in your congregation, here are four low-cost ways to make this Mother’s Day special.

1. Make a video tribute to moms

Regardless of your production budget, you can create a meaningful video of church members sharing what they appreciate about their moms. It could be fun to have a mix of adults and kids describing their moms’ personalities, lovable quirks, and the ordinary, everyday things they love.

This video could also work as a promo for your Mother’s Day service, and you could share it on social media or in your church app.

2. Dedicate a song to moms

During the service, you could have your worship team or someone else sing a song dedicated to moms. If you want to make it extra special, invite your children’s ministry to come up and sing, and give moms something they’ll cherish by recording the moment and sharing it in your app.

There are plenty of good Christian songs honoring moms, but here are a few popular ones:

  • One Heartbeat at a Time by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Everything to Me by Mark Schultz
  • Midnight Oil by Phillips, Craig, and Dean

3. Host a Mother’s Day potluck

Many families plan special meals together on holidays. What if this Mother’s Day, your church family celebrated moms together with a potluck, hosted by dads and kids? This gives families an opportunity to serve not only their moms, but your entire congregation. It’s also a great way to remind your church that in Christ, we are all family.

4. Support a cause

As the body of Christ, we have a responsibility to care for orphans and those living in poverty, both in our midst and around the world. Churches often have specific services dedicated to sponsoring children through ministry partners, but why not highlight those partners or a relevant project in your Mother’s Day service as well?

This gives you an opportunity to talk about the calling we all have to support those without mothers and those whose mothers can’t afford to care for them.

You could even set up a new campaign in your giving app to streamline the process. When people go to donate in your app, they can just select your Mother’s Day giving campaign and voila.

Make Mother’s Day memorable

Mother’s Day means something a little different for everyone. For some, it’s painful to watch people celebrate an idealized relationship that completely ignores the reality they experienced growing up—or what they’re experiencing right now. For others, Mother’s Day is a reminder to thank God for the ways he’s blessed them through a loving mother.

Every church has to decide the right way to approach Mother’s Day with their congregation, but it’d be wise to assume not everyone feels the same way. Scripture gives us many strong pictures of what motherhood was intended to be, but it also gives us a lens to view the brokenness in our world and our relationships.

If you can lift up the beauty of motherhood while also recognizing the pain and heartache that can surround it, you can make your Mother’s Day service more meaningful for everyone.

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