5 Facebook Ad Templates Your Church Can Use This Easter

In years past, if you wanted to get the word out about your Easter services and events, you had three main options. You could send out mailers, you could get a newspaper ad, or you could also secure a radio spot.

And they worked!

But today there’s a better option for promoting your church’s Easter services—Facebook.

Facebook is an ideal advertising option today because it’s cheaper, targeted, and mobile. Plus, Facebook ads allow you to reach your community with details about seasonal events where they are today—on their mobile devices.

These five free ready-to-use Easter ad templates designed to help your ministry better engage with your community during this Easter season and retain newcomers after the weekend’s over.

Easter (Event-Based)

Who wants a fresh start this Easter?

Easter isn’t really about colored eggs, candy, and cute bunnies. Easter is about starting over. Join us for Easter at First Church and learn what an empty tomb has to do with the pain and struggles of your life.

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Do You Feel Tossed Around By Life
Be our guest at Easter services at First Church! Worship services for adults and children at 9 AM
and 11 AM.

Pro Tip: Be sure to snag some free images from Unsplash.

Easter (Serve)

Want to help us reach new people this Easter?

We’re looking for volunteers to help us serve guests for the biggest day of our year at First Church. Click on the link below to check out the opportunities and find your place to serve this Easter!

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Easter 2019 Volunteer Opportunities
Lots of great opportunities for you to serve.

Easter (Testimonial)

When I showed up at First Church for Easter three years ago, I’d just lost my job and my marriage seemed to be doomed. I won’t say I had given up hope, but I was close.

That Easter changed my life. I met friendly people at First Church who cared about me. The pastor’s message applied to what I was going through. I committed my life to Jesus that Easter. My whole family has found a home at First Church, including my wife and two kids. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve found friends and a relationship with God to help us through whatever comes our way.

Now I’m a greeter at First Church! Join us on Easter this year. I’d love to welcome you to our church! We’ve even saved the best parking spot for you. Just blink your lights as you arrive on campus!

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Celebrate Easter At First Church!
You’re invited to celebrate our favorite time of year at First Church. We have children’s and adult worship services at 9 AM. and 11 AM.

Post-Easter (Join Us Next Week)

Thanks for join us for Easter!

Now that you’ve found out who Jesus is, it’s time to find out who God made YOU to be. Join us this Sunday at First Church where we’re starting a four-week series that will help you discover who God made you to be.

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Want to Know Why You’re on Earth?
Check out next Sunday’s worship service at First Church, 9 AM or 11 AM.

Post-Easter (Join a Small Group)

Hey Easter guests!

We’ve got small groups near you. If you’d like to dig deeper into life at First Church, get involved in one of our groups. You’ll make friends, study the Bible—and have more fun than you thought possible at a church event.

Find a Small Group Near You!
Get connected at First Church.

Ads That Help Grow Your Church

Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach people within your community or people worldwide with the Easter message of hope. Maybe you’ll see more people than ever tune into your online message. Maybe you’ll see a huge uptick in attendance and overall growth after Easter. Don’t take well-designed ads for granted.

Use them today to thrive at Easter and beyond. For even more Facebook ad templates, download the free ebook, 27 Plug-And-Play Facebook Ad Templates That Will Grow Your Church, today!

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