Average Customer Service Simply Won’t Do

Customer Service Is Overrated

You don’t need customer service from the company producing your organization’s mobile app. You don’t need someone who will only answer your questions about the product.

Your opportunity to engage your community through mobile is simply too important—you need a trusted adviser.

And the difference between average customer service and a trusted adviser is vast.
Advisers understand your goals, your vision—and look for ways to help you achieve them. Your passion is their passion. They do more than answer your questions. They ask questions of their own. Any company can provide customer service. Any company can sell you a product. Only the best will become a real trusted adviser committed to your organization’s mobile success.

Customer Success: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Pushpay has always taken customer success seriously. We have a world-class team that is singularly committed to seeing our customers succeed—your success is their job. We want to help customers achieve their mission, because we don’t succeed unless our customers succeed.

When you become a Pushpay customer, you’re not just purchasing a best-in-class mobile experience for your organization. Just handing you a mobile app—even a great mobile app—won’t magically move your organization forward. You need the full package: a great mobile app, a success coach that has done it before, and a foolproof plan to help you implement it effectively and grow engagement like never before. With Pushpay, you get it all.

That’s why Pushpay is making an even bigger investment in our customers’ experience. In the last few months, Tracy Bush joined the organization as our new VP of Customer Success. She comes to us from Tableau, one of the great innovators in today’s tech space. Tracy built Tableau’s global customer success organization from scratch. She has more than 20 years of experience building teams to invest in the success of customers.

That’s exactly what she plans to do at Pushpay, too. As strong as our customer experience has been in recent years, we’re taking it up a notch. We’ll be greatly expanding our team in the coming months to make sure all of the churches we serve get the adviser they need to succeed in today’s mobile world. We’re also rearranging our customer success process so inquiries go to regional customer success managers whom you’ll get to know even better.

What Does a Pushpay Trusted Adviser Do Differently?

1. The relationship starts immediately

As soon as you sign up for Pushpay, you’ll get a call from our customer success team. Your success is our mission from day one.

2. We’ll seek to understand you

No two organizations have the same goals for their mobile apps. We spend time trying to understand your needs. We don’t read from our script; we go by your script.

3. We’ll work with you throughout the implementation process

We provide you assistance with a thorough process to help you implement Pushpay throughout your entire organization. We know what it takes to get people on board—from other organizational leaders to your users. We’ll walk you through our best-in-class implementation program.  

4. We’ll help you deliver the best engagement message possible to your app users

Communication may be your most important role as you implement Pushpay. We’ll help you hone your engagement message so your audience knows the power your mobile app has put in their hands.

5. We’ll check in with you

You won’t just hear from us when something is wrong. We’ll contact you regularly to compare the growth of your mobile engagement with the goals you set. Together we’ll look at adjustments that’ll help you grow even more. We’ll do what we can to ensure you’re getting the fullest value possible out of the investment in your app.

Finding the Right Adviser

One of the reasons you need a trusted adviser who cares about your mobile app’s success is because the mobile space is constantly shifting. It’s only been a decade since Apple’s introduction of the iPhone gave birth to the modern mobile movement. We’re still in the early stages, and it has already been one of the most disruptive pieces of technology ever. Changes will continue to come to the industry. You can count on that.

And you can count on our team of experts to walk you through these digital changes. For questions about your Pushpay account or for any questions about how your church can sustainably manage these tech changes, click here to talk to one of our church tech experts today.

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