Why Giving Is Too Important to Be Left to Your Church Management System

I’m a consumer like anybody else. I like to have options. But sometimes, too many options come with huge drawbacks. Here’s a case in point: Have you ever found yourself stuck in the dental hygiene aisle at a drugstore at 10PM trying to make a toothbrush purchase decision?

Bells and whistles options are simply not necessary for most products, and this couldn’t be truer than with technology. Now, take that to the next level and enter the world of Church Management Systems.

(And just uttering “ChMS” is enough to strike fear and loathing into the heart of many finance and technology professionals.)

Don’t get me wrong, a good ChMS performs a critical function for your church. But often, church giving is an add-on feature. And let’s face it, ChMS’s don’t often have great giving functionality.

Charitable giving in your church is just too important to waste on the wrong technology. You need technology that empowers you to keep focused on more important things. Namely, the mission of your church.

Choosing the Right Giving Solution

Using your ChMS for giving is kind of like using a Ferrari to charge your iPhone.

Likewise, when churches look at tech solutions, it’s easy to get dazzled by features. Why wouldn’t you get enthusiastic about a church management system that does it all? You open up their menu of options and you’re excited to see features like the ability to…

  • Manage your church member information
  • Organize your groups
  • Receive and track giving
  • Secure children check-in
  • Send out emails

And much more.

But it’s not possible to do all those things well.

Giving in your church is too important to trust to a one-stop-shop tech solution. You need to know that everything from the user experience to the security standards is top notch. It’s a lot harder to get giving right when it’s not your ChMS’s top priority—and it seldom is because that kind of software focuses on managing relationships, not financial transactions.

That means that you end up sacrificing various elements. Maybe you end up losing out on speed or convenience. It could be that you lose bookkeeping functions or the ability to get regular, in-depth reports. Because their attention is spread across a variety of features, maybe your software company can’t provide the service level you require for such a key area.

Taking Your Church Management System to the Next Level

Pushpay is so focused on getting giving right that we’ve cut out the rest of the noise. With Pushpay, you know that we’re focused on making sure that everyone at your church from the pastor, to the bookkeeper, to the technology director, to treasurer, and the person in the pew is having the best possible experience.

Do you end up paying a little more than you might by choosing a solution with hundreds of options? Probably. But we’re committed to wowing you. We want every experience to be exactly what you were hoping for.

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