Introducing The Pushpay Podcast: The Nurtured Church

Why The Nurtured Church?

This isn’t a podcast of sermons or inspirational stories to listen to on your ride home from work. This one’s different—and it’s because we’re solving a problem other podcasts don’t.

Church leaders want their organizations to thrive, but there’s an almost tangible lack of participation among congregants. Outside of the church, it’s even more difficult to engage with people and encourage interaction with local ministries. That’s a problem for churches seeking to grow and impact more people within their neighborhoods and beyond. And it’s an even greater problem for communities that are consistently unreached by the gospel message.

That’s why The Nurtured Church exists.

Church Leadership Truths

We’ll be diving into best practices from ordinary churches doing extraordinary things to nurture engagement and growth within their communities. We’re partnering with ministry leaders and engagement experts across the nation to bring you insights, dispel myths, and empower you with the tools you need to help your church flourish.

Every two weeks, we’ll bring you exclusive content that will help you nurture your community member journey in ways that go beyond an assimilation plan. We’ll unpack strategies for reaching the unchurched in your communities, turning visitors into committed members and advocates of your church, and guiding people from one stage of engagement to another. We’re here to show you how other growing churches are nurturing that journey. We’re also going to take it one step further by taking a bird’s eye view of your church. Are you flourishing where you’re at? Can you be doing more in response to cultural changes? What technological changes are your ministry falling behind on and how’s that hurting your members?

Practical Tools At Your Fingertips

We’ll address these issues and more all with the Church at heart. We’ve partnered with over 7,500 churches, providing them with world-class giving and mobile app technology. We’ve heard their concerns. We’ve felt the pain they feel for the people they’re struggling to reach in their communities. As we launch The Nurtured Church in March 2019, we’re looking forward to equipping church leaders with the practical tools they need to nurture and grow their communities so their ministries can thrive. Click here to listen to The Nurtured Church now.

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