Mastering Crisis Management with Church Management Software

Crises have a way of revealing strengths and exposing weaknesses. They test resilience and push our communities to the edge. The situations you face, whether a global pandemic or a local disaster, often expose vulnerabilities that you might not have been aware of. For many churches, the vulnerabilities emerge in three major areas: communication, funding, and time management.

How often have you found yourself scrambling to communicate critical information to your congregation in times of crisis? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with budget difficulties when the usual routine of collecting tithes is disrupted. Then there’s the ever-present issue of time—with so much to do and so little time, it’s easy for important tasks to fall by the wayside.

If these challenges sound all too familiar, you’re not alone. Many churches grapple with these issues, especially during a crisis. But there’s a way to navigate these challenges effectively, and technology can help.

Church management software is a powerful tool for churches looking to better manage their resources in times of crisis. This tech can streamline and automate administrative tasks, foster better communication, and ensure no one in your community gets left behind.

How Church Management Software Helps In A Crisis

In a crisis, things are moving fast, and it’s all too easy for something or someone to fall through the cracks. A ChMS can help your entire staff work together to meet needs. It empowers you to meet challenges head-on, ensuring no one in your congregation is overlooked. It streamlines communication, making it easy to mobilize your community, foster cooperation, and promote mutual support. It also simplifies event creation, keeping your congregation informed and engaged.

Organize Response Efforts

A crisis becomes an opportunity for churches to provide comfort and support to their communities. You can serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, responding quickly and compassionately to the needs of those around you. But your response efforts need to be well organized to make a powerful impact.

That’s where church management software like Pushpay can help. With its range of features designed to help your church stay organized and responsive, your community will be better equipped to weather any crisis with grace and resilience.

For instance, the ‘Needs’ feature provides an overview of the requirements within your congregation, helping you prioritize and assign resources where they are most needed. This feature also promotes transparency, enabling your community members to see where help is needed and step in to fill those gaps. Whether rallying volunteers for a neighborhood cleanup, coordinating a food drive, or gathering items for a special event, the Needs feature transforms your congregation’s good intentions into tangible action.

Forms are also a powerful way to collect important information without keeping track of email threads or piles of papers. From gathering contact information and registrations for an event, or gathering insights on how people feel emotionally during a crisis, forms make it easy to stay organized.

Ebenezer Baptist Church believes in being both hearers and doers of the Word. So when a natural disaster strikes, they see it as an opportunity to serve. They started distributing food during the COVID-19 pandemic, and registration forms in their ChMS helped ensure there was enough for everyone in need. Xzavier Curry, the Missions Coordinator, said,

“We started registration because we saw a lot of food lines and people waiting 3 or 4 hours, and then they’d get up there, and there’d be none left.” She continued, “But when you registered, you were guaranteed a box. You know how we made that happen? The ChMS registration form.”
Xzavier Curry

Their distribution ultimately fed over 12,000 households in the Charlotte, NC community, proving that even in crisis, the Church’s doors never close.

And there are even resources that help your leadership team stay organized on the go—the LEAD app. With this app, church leaders have a mobile ChMS in the palm of their hands where they can manage their groups and volunteers, create events, and pull up a profile so they can make decisions on the go and respond swiftly when a crisis hits. No more scrambling to organize a response—with the LEAD app, you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to coordinate your efforts effectively.

Strengthen Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of crisis management. Delivering quick, clear, and consistent messages keeps your congregation well-informed and establishes a sense of connection and stability during uncertain times. However, effective communication during a crisis is not just about broadcasting messages; it’s about fostering dialogue, showing empathy, and maintaining transparency.

An all-in-one ChMS will help you organize your church’s information securely, as well as help you communicate with all the people who make up your church—staff, volunteers, and members.

One of the ways our church management software can help is with personalized messages with the Mail Merge feature. Barbara Utt, Administrator at Northwood Christian Church, shared,

Pushpay’s ChMs provides cross-reference reports that instantly show markers of engagement that include giving, small group attendance, and volunteering. These reports allow churches to honor our congregants’ time and attention by sending them tailored emails based on their demographics and interests. Rather than distributing the mass messages to everyone, which can lead to congregants missing relevant announcements buried in large newsletters, software reporting, and messaging features ease the process by giving individuals the resources they want and need.
Barbara Utt

Group messages also allow you to send updates or critical information to specific groups within your congregation. Whether it’s the Sunday school teachers, volunteers for a food drive, or the church board, having the ability to directly communicate with different groups is crucial for coordinating efforts and keeping everyone on the same page.

Push notifications are another powerful feature that ensures your congregation stays informed in real-time. In a rapidly evolving crisis, timely information can make a significant difference. Push notifications can alert your congregation about any immediate changes, urgent prayer requests, or last-minute events. They can also be used to send out daily words of encouragement, keeping your community uplifted and connected.

Centralize Information Storage

One of the key benefits of using church management software in your ministry is the centralization of your information. With all your crucial data stored within your ChMS, ready to access at a moment’s notice, your church can operate more efficiently, ensuring that every detail is at your fingertips.

A crisis may spike a demand in your community for pastoral care. If a church member is in the hospital, for example, how can you keep track of who visited them and when? With the right ChMS, your staff can view a member’s profile and history at any time, so they can be better equipped to address the needs of your members in a timely and effective manner.

Becky Grothe, the Membership Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, shares the perfect example of how having centralized data makes a difference in pastoral care.

“If I get a call or I’m sending a pastor a note about someone who’s in the hospital or has a family emergency, if they need a visit, need groceries, need help in any kind of way, I can say ‘look in the lead app.’ Pastors can pull up their profile in the LEAD app, and they see the same information as they would on their computer and use it to go into a hospital setting or home setting with better information, fully informed on the dynamics in that family and the history of the family to be able to communicate appropriately. The LEAD app has been a huge blessing to our pastors.”

But in a crisis, beyond maintaining connections, your church is likely looking for ways to save time and keep things efficient. When all of your information is centralized in a single source of truth, there’s no need for endless emails, phone calls, or spreadsheets.

This comprehensive collection also allows staff to search and track information, and scheduled reports keep that information coming in on auto-pilot.

Automatic and scheduled reports can provide valuable insights into the health of your church. By accessing and analyzing attendance reports, trends, and patterns, you can understand better how your congregation engages with your services, events, and programs. By tracking congregant and donor engagement, you can ensure that your community is actively participating and that your church is meeting their needs. With all this information centralized within your ChMS, reviewing and analyzing your church’s data is easy, and informed decisions about programming, outreach, and resource allocation are easier to make.

Move Forward and Go Further with Pushpay

In a crisis, the role of the Church extends beyond opening your doors. It looks like stepping up, reaching out, and being the hands and feet of Jesus in your community. The right tools can make it easier for your church to do the work you’ve been called to do, whether you’re in a season of celebration or crisis.

At Pushpay, we believe that churches deserve powerful technology to fulfill their missions. If, in any small way, our ChMS or other tools help amplify all your great work, we’d love to discuss your church’s unique needs and explore how we might help you achieve your vision.


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