Culture Roundtable: How to Build a Healthy Staff Culture

“Culture”—it’s an overused buzzword in the tech world as well as an overlooked aspect of healthy church growth. It conjures images of ping-pong tables and catered meals, but it’s so much more than that. At its core, “corporate culture” is simply the beliefs, values, and behaviors that unify a team.

It’s no surprise then that companies with well-defined cultures tend to thrive, while companies that neglect culture often suffer erosion.

The functions are a little different, but churches share similar struggles when setting their own cultures. In fact, culture is often the difference between a functioning, sustainable community, and a toxic one.

We were curious to learn what churches can do to create and maintain healthy staff cultures, so we decided to host a roundtable conversation on culture with two leaders who have spent the past half-decade investing in organizational culture.  

Bryan Miles is the CEO of BELAY Solutions, a virtual staffing and bookkeeping company. William Vanderbloemen is the founder of Vanderbloemen Search Group, a premier church staffing firm that has staffed thousands of jobs for thousands of churches.

Both BELAY and Vanderbloemen have received national recognition for their vibrant company cultures, and they’ve gone about building those cultures in very different ways. BELAY is a 100 percent remote team, while Vanderbloemen is 100 percent in-house.

With Pushpay’s co-founder Eliot Crowther moderating, Bryan and William engage in a lively dialogue that touches on everything from defining culture’s ROI to dealing with toxic team members to communicating staff values.

The entire conversation is available FOR FREE through the link below. Checkout the webinar replay today and see what your church can learn from some of the best company cultures in America!

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