How Celebration Church Increased Recurring Givers

Increased Recurring Givers by 6X

Our efforts in developing areas–like our location in Zimbabwe–are a result of continuous generosity. With the agility and simplicity of the Pushpay platform, the value of planned giving is reinforced, resulting in funding for weekly gatherings, meals for needy children, and evangelical initiatives in various locations across the globe.

Yolonda Queitsch, CFO at Celebration Church


With 11 domestic locations, one international one, and 150 staff members, Celebration Church is one of the largest and most influential churches in the United States. The church already had close to 70 percent of their giving coming in through digital means even before they started looking into the Pushpay giving system and mobile app.


Though a large percentage of their church already gave online, Celebration’s giving system had a complicated interface. The church staff fielded many questions every month from users struggling to change their recurring giving schedule or their credit card information. This drastically stalled the church’s efforts to grow its number of recurring givers. The church also spent significant time, energy, and resources fixing their previous online giving tool.


Money raised for missions in 5 minutes


As the church began to look into different digital giving solutions, Pushpay invited Celebration Church representatives to attend the 2017 Summit for church leaders. While staff members Yolanda and Josh Queitsch were at the conference in Southern California, they caught a vision for how technology could help them engage with their community more effectively and efficiently. The church already had scheduled a weekend less than a month later when they would focus on generosity during the services. As they looked more deeply at Pushpay’s mobile app, they became determined to provide their community with a simpler way to give to and participate in the church. Just 18 days after leaving the Summit, the church signed up to become a Pushpay customer.


Today, Celebration’s mobile app has become a crucial part of how people participate in the life of the church. Users now face less hassle to becoming recurring givers, which has led to a six-fold increase in recurring giving in just a year.

The church has also used the app to make it easier for people to request care (hospital visits, counseling, etc.). Today a person can make request for care directly from the church app and get the needed care within 24 hours. App users can also find a small group, take a spiritual gift assessment, and sign up to serve no matter where they are.

At the church’s Shine women’s conference, participants used the app to give to the Love in Action campaign. In just a few minutes time, the women gave more than $12,000 just through the mobile app. The money provided funds for missions efforts in Zimbabwe.

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6X Increase in Recurring Givers

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